ObamaCare: 2009 Promises Vs 2014 Reality

On September 9, 2009 the House and Senate Democratic leadership called a joint session of Congress so President Obama could appear on prime time TV, under the most favorable possible conditions, to sell their “health care reform,” what is now called Obamacare.  To impress the TV audience Mr. Obama entered the hall with State of […]

No Thumbs Up for the July Jobs Report

Historic deterioration of the labor market makes monthly jobs numbers meaningless. The unemployment rate is misleading because millions of jobless people are not counted.  The number-of-jobs-created headline is misleading because of an unprecedented increase in part time employment.  When the latest jobs report was published the White House guided headline writers with this spin from […]

ObamaCare Train Wreck Partially Rescheduled

Despite Presidential assurances that all is well, Democrats now openly fear that Obamacare is “an approaching train wreck.”  These were the words of Sen. Max Baucus, one of the principle authors of the legislation, who has decided to quit the Senate and go home to Montana to live in rural seclusion. Out of sight and, […]

ObamaCare: Consequences of Political Choices

The Supreme Court rules that the government can’t make you buy something, but it can punish you if you don’t. The Supreme Court has issued its odious ruling that OamaCare’s individual mandate, the legislative decree that all individuals shall purchase a government approved health insurance plan, complies with the Constitution.  This ruling could well be […]

Obama’s Version is Not Your Father’s Constitution

Since the President and the Democrats kicked off the healthcare debate in early 2009 the political left and the establishment media have sneered dismissively at those of us who insisted the Constitution did not authorize Congress or the Executive to assume the new powers in ObamaCare. We won’t know for sure until June, but based […]

ObamaCare Vs The Constitution (2)

From the very beginning, the ObamaCare arguments before the Supreme Court were a lesson in the folly of ignoring the wisdom of our Constitution, a charter for a government with just a few, limited, enumerated powers.  Solicitor General Verrilli, whose unenviable assignment was to defend ObamaCare opened things up: “The Affordable Care Act addresses a […]

ObamaCare Vs The Constitution at the Supreme Court

Last week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the Constitutionality of the ObamaCare individual mandate.  It’s almost impossible to exaggerate the significance of this case to the future of liberty in America. If the Court upholds ObamaCare it will have struck down America’s most fundamental, founding principle, that the power of government must be […]

We Are All Catholics

After the 9-11 terrorist attacks Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu famously said: I am certain that I speak on behalf of my entire nation when I say: September 11th we are all Americans – in grief, as in defiance. The Administration recently announced an ObamaCare commandment that every health plan, paid for by every employer, […]

ObamaCare Ruling Will Either Restore or Destroy Liberty

If the Supreme Court rules that the ObamaCare individual mandate is permitted by the Constitution the consequences for individual liberty and the future of America will be catastrophic.  If the court strikes down the individual mandate future Congresses will be on notice that there are still limits to government’s power over the people. The Court […]

The Dawn of A Constitutional Transformation

Millions of citizens in the tea party movement have begun to demand that Congress obey the Constitution.  This week a federal court gave them much needed validation. Back in October, 2009 in the midst of frenzied, back-room deal-making to cobble together bare majorities in the House and Senate to enact ObamaCare House Speaker Nancy Pelosi […]

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