The Berlin Airlift: Obama Doesn’t Get It

Ich bin ein pretender During his campaign speech to a large crowd of Germans, Barack Obama made several references to the Berlin Airlift. At the end of World War II, the soviet Union controlled the Eastern half of Germany. Within that Soviet territory was the Capital, Berlin, which was divided into four sectors. The Soviet […]

The Elephant in Obama’s Room

Barack Obama’s so called “policy” regarding Iraq is driven entirely by vote counting calculations. He is trying to appear willing to succeed in Iraq, while at the same time appealing to the elephant…er…donkey in the room that nobody’s talking about: his party’s left fringe base. He hopes that by not calling victory or success the […]

Obamania Summer Vanity Tour & Photo-Shoot (1)

The Media Extravaganza stopped briefly in Kuwait and then traveled to Afghanistan. As he was leaving Andrews Air Force Base Senator Obama told reporters: “I look forward to seeing what the situation on the ground is. I want to, obviously, talk to the commanders and get a sense both in Afghanistan and in Baghdad of, […]

Obama’s Iraq Speech: Utopia Lost

Today Barack Obama delivered a long, rambling speech on “national security.” This is the first in a series of posts that will analyze his remarks. . After claiming to have been inspired by America’s initial efforts to win the cold war, Senator Obama referred to the the 9-11 attacks: The attacks of September 11 brought […]

Obama’s 16 Month Plan: Slow Motion Catastrophe

Last week Senator Obama held two press conferences in one day to discuss withdrawal from Iraq. Since then, the media herd has obsessed on whether he committed a certified flip-flip. Obama’s responses to the press weren’t a flip-flop, they were a loafer; intellectually lazy equivocations. His position is dangerous because he appears to believe that […]

The Inevitable Outcome of Obama’s 16 Month Plan

The last time the anti-war left convinced America to “end” a war, by abandoning the people who believed we were their allies and had been loyal to us was 1975. Virtually all American troops had come home from Vietnam, after training the South Vietnamese army to take over defense of their country, with the support […]

In Every Generation Some Have Sacrificed For Liberty

Sergeant Michael A Thomas’ Personal Narrative “Three A.M. in Bangor, Maine” As I walked off the plane, I was taken aback. In the small, dimly lit airport, a group of elderly veterans were there waiting for us, lined up one by one to shake our hands. Some were standing, others were confined to wheelchairs, and […]

Barack Obama: Flip-Flopping for Dollars

Today, Barack Obama reneged the pledge he has repeated for two years, to accept public financing of his election campaign. The original promise of government funding of Presidential campaigns was to limit the amount candidates could spend, supposedly to “get the money out of politics.” A candidate who accepts federal funds also agrees to limits […]

May Recruiting Statistics

Our previous post mentioned Military Recruiting statistics for April.  Today the Pentagon released the May numbers: Pentagon officials note that the Army National Guard has already recruited 109% of its Fiscal 2008 quota, and the shortfall in May represents a deliberate adjustment in the recruiting effort. Presidential Candidates in general, and Barack Obama specifically, should […]

Iraq News the Media Herd Forgot to Report

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