D-Day Plus 65 Years

Throughout the first half of 1944, America and Great Britain assembled land, naval, and air forces in England where they prepared for the assault on Hitler’s “Fortress Europe.” Hundreds of thousands of soldiers from America, Canada, and Britain trained and rehearsed their roles in the largest and most complex military operation in human history. More […]

Remembering D-Day: A President’s Prayer

On June 6, 1944, a few hours after the invasion began, President Roosevelt spoke on all the radio networks and revealed to the American People what had been a military secret for over a year, the exact date and location of the invasion of Europe. He then asked listeners to join him as he prayed. […]

General Eisenhower’s D-Day Message to The Troops

This is an actual copy of the message from Supreme Allied Commander, General Eisenhower, given to many of the troops as they left England and sailed or flew across the channel to France for the D-Day Invasion. Those who didn’t receive a paper copy heard the message read by Eisenhower himself, over loudspeakers aboard the […]

In Every Generation Some Have Sacrificed For Liberty

Sergeant Michael A Thomas’ Personal Narrative “Three A.M. in Bangor, Maine” As I walked off the plane, I was taken aback. In the small, dimly lit airport, a group of elderly veterans were there waiting for us, lined up one by one to shake our hands. Some were standing, others were confined to wheelchairs, and […]

You Can Help Provide a Home for An Injured Hero

There are virtually no homes for sale anywhere in America that have been built or altered to meet the special needs of amputees, paraplegics or quadriplegics. Building or remodeling homes to accommodate the needs of severely wounded warriors is the way “Homes for Our Troops” thanks service members. Homes for Our Troops serves men and […]

The D-Day Congress and the Iraq War Congress

On the anniversary of D-Day a number of spineless Senators and Congressmen of the Democrat persuasion could learn important lessons from the Democratic Congress and Democratic President of World War II. While the American soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen of 1945 lacked many of the technological advantages today’s troops have, they did have one major […]