To The Super Committee: It’s The Spending! (1)

We’ve been through almost a year of dramatic and acrimonious political debate about the government’s deficit, and it isn’t over yet. Much of the political media establishment has been suffering fits of anguish over alleged “austerity” and “deep cuts” being inflicted upon the defenseless government by Republicans, driven by those terrible Tea Party activists.  But […]

The Disenchantment and Downgrade Blues

Obama reprimands gullible believers who voted for misty “hope and change.” Speaking at a fundraiser in Chicago President Obama expressed frustration: When I said, ‘Change we can believe in,’ I didn’t say, ‘Change we can believe in tomorrow.’  Not, ‘Change we can believe in next week.’ We knew this was going to take time, because […]

Triumph of The Tea Party

This article was revised after Congress passed the debt ceiling increase. Have tea party voters turned a mundane function into an unnecessary crisis? Why is there a debt ceiling?  It’s not in the Constitution or the Bible. America has a debt ceiling because politicians find it too difficult to vote against specific borrowing and spending […]

A Debt Ceiling Conversation with The President

With only a few days left to prevent a debt ceiling crisis President Obama asked the TV networks for prime time to inform The People of a grave situation and of the options available to us deliver another, tedious campaign speech. What if we had been able to interact with the President, turning the speech […]

Democrats’ Latest Debt Ceiling Offer: No Tax Hikes

Senate majority Leader Harry Reid is now willing to make a debt ceiling deal without tax increases just to avoid another debt ceiling deadline before the election.  The final week before the debt ceiling deadline begins with two new debt ceiling plans.  These plans are not yet available on line so all we know about […]

Debt Celing Fight: Obama Has Made Himself Irrelevant

On Friday Evening an angry President Obama held a press conference to announce that, once again, debt ceiling negotiations had broken down.  Of course he blamed Republicans.  Here’s an excerpt: So here’s what we’re going to do.  We have now run out of time.  I told Speaker Boehner, I’ve told Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, I’ve […]

How’s That “Shared Sacrifice” Working Out So Far?

What would it take for government to begin sharing in the sacrifice? For the first three months of 2011 President Obama demanded that Congress raise the debt ceiling without any conditions, without any spending cuts whatsoever. Then, when the polls turned against that idea he began to call for “shared sacrifice” in the form of […]

Debt Ceiling Debate: “Balance” vs Confronting Reality

Before we agree to President Obama’s demand for tax increases shouldn’t we take a look at what brought us to this moment of debt crisis? In his third debt-ceiling press conference President Obama called for a “balanced approach” or “balanced package” seven times.  By this he meant immediate tax rate increases and spending cuts to […]

Barack Obama Owns This Debt Crisis

The Obama Administration’s fiscal and budget policy is simple: Position the President to blame others for the debt crisis and to take the credit if the relatively few competent adults who serve in Congress manage to resolve it. With the (2nd) debt ceiling deadline looming, and secret, high-level negotiations on-going, President Obama appears and reappears, […]

Taxpayers Have Already Paid Revenue Increases!

President Obama and the Democrats keep trying to shift the blame for seemingly endless economic misery from themselves to the very taxpayers who have delivered more revenue to the government than anyone thought was possible just a few months ago. By now virtually every American has heard President Obama, the Democrats and the media chorus […]

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