Budget FlimFlam: Spend More & Report Cuts

Much of the media’s “information” about the federal budget is deception made possible by the arcane budgeting process in Congress.  President Obama didn’t invent the process.  But he’s an enthusiastic practitioner of the deception. When the President delivered his 2012 budget to Congress the media shouted “$1.1 trillion in cuts!”  Did this mean the government […]

Happy Anniversary Stimulus

At the White House they’re celebrating the Second Anniversary of the enactment of the Obama Stimulus of 2009. Remember the arrogance and contempt toward those of us who knew the stimulus would fail to create jobs while running up catastrophic debt?   Scroll down to see a 20 second video segment of the President’s sneering […]

Budget Fantasies & FlimFlam (4)

The spending cuts are accounting flimflam. The record breaking increase in tax revenue is fantasy. At his press conference Tuesday President Obama hoped to plant the perception in the mind of the public that his 2012 budget was an exercise in frugality.  Here’s one of his responses to budget questions: …this is my third budget. […]

Budget Fantasies & FlimFlam (3)

President Obama tries to deceive The People with a meaningless comparison to the Eisenhower era. During the press conference he held to defend his 2012 budget President Obama claimed: As a start, [my budget] freezes domestic discretionary spending over the next five years, which would cut the deficit by more than $400 billion over the […]

Budget Fantasies & FlimFlam (2)

Among several preposterous assertions made by President Obama in his Tuesday press conference was this: When I took office, I pledged to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term. Our budget meets that pledge… None of the assembled reporters disputed or asked for clarification.    This chart helps tell the […]

The Willful Crisis, Act II

Due to incompetence and malfeasance Congress has failed to complete its core, Constitutional duties: Pass a budget for fiscal year 2011, which began October 1, 2010. Pass 12 appropriations bills that break the budget down to more manageable pieces and grant each department and agency the budget authority to continue operations. Thus, Congress has given […]

A Willful Crisis & “One Last Spending Binge”

Senator McConnell called it “one last spending binge.”  It’s 1,924 pages of emergency spending authority totaling about $1.1 trillion that must be passed this week to prevent a government shut down. Politicians love a budget crisis because it gives them an opportunity to sneak some home state pork and special interest subsidies into a bill […]

Obama Openly Contemptuous of The People

Imagine a TV Sitcom family. They’re not poor.  Dad makes $600,000 per year, or $50,000 per month.  But incredibly, they can’t live on that budget and they’ve been borrowing and spending an additional $22,000 every month for years, driving their debt up to $2 million in installment loans and credit cards. Two months ago Dad […]

ObamaNomics: Promise Jobs but Grab Power

President Obama’s first Borrow-and-Spend initiative, was the Trillion Dollar… “BIG Stimulus to Save Jobs” (BS2SJ). Obama Promises jobs but delivers only massive debt and loss of liberty. Congress passed the BS2SJ on February 13, Obama’s 24th day in office. Obama and the media hyped the BS2SJ, the largest spending bill in history, as an urgent […]

Budget Flimflam (2): “Irresponsible Policy Choices”

This is the second in a series on Obama’s claim to be a victim of previous “irresponsiblie policy choices.”  The first is here. One of the budget documents Obama published las week,  “Inheriting a Legacy of Misplaced Priorities,”(ILMP) is a campaign style propaganda piece, intended to justify the upcoming budget.  A key ILMP assertion, and […]

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