UAW Boses Deceived & Betrayed Members

As GM, Ford, and Chrysler patrol the halls of Congress with tin cups, begging for a share of The Big Bailout one wonders why the Media herd doesn’t place the blame where it belongs, squarely on the United Auto Workers Union. Toyota began building cars in America in 1984.  Their non-union plants offer competitive wages […]

GM: First Disillusionment Of The Obama Era

For the next few weeks the latest applicant for Big Bailout cash, the auto industry will be the central front in America’s perennial ideological war. On the Left side of the war are collectivist ideas, backed by labor unions and Democratic politicians, and the public education establishment.  On the right side are the ideas that […]

Big Bailout: Frantic Changes In Strategy

Can Government Fix the Crisis Government Caused? Click the boat to see all articles in Big Bailout Series Sixty days ago Treasury Secretary Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Brenanke warned Congress and the public of imminent financial calamity that would engulf the entire economy. According to the Paulson-Brenanke-government brain trust, the only thing that could […]

Big Bailout 2.0: The Rescue

Taxpayers Lose Now, Big Government Wins Later Click on the boat to see all the articles in the Big Bailout Series The Big Bailout…um “rescue” has finally been signed into law.  Now we can all now breathe a sigh of relief – until the next government caused crisis emerges, calling for yet another government rescue, […]

Bailout 2.0: The Bucket Passes to The Senate

Day 13 of the Financial & Political Panic of ’08 Government to Fix The Crisis Government Caused Click on the boat to see all articles in Big Bailout Series In a nation where the people are supposedly free, and masters of their own destinies, we the people are hopelessly ensnared in the government’s web of […]

Bailout Update: SEC Changes Mark-to-Market Rule

In the first significant government act to address the financial crisis government caused, the Securities and Exchange Commission  changed an accounting rule first imposed on American businesses seven years ago. The Big Bailout is Government’s effort to solve the current crisis caused by millions of low quality mortgages, issued by the government founded and chartered […]

Big Bailout: Now Is The Time For Blame

For a week now we’ve endured the dumbed-down slogans, contrived for voter consumption: “Now is not the time to point fingers” “Now we have to come together and get something done.” “There’s plenty of blame to go around.” We don’t buy it.  Now is the time to determine who is at fault and what they […]

Bailout Sunk by Angry Voters & Vengeful Pelosi

Government may still try to fix the crisis government caused – but not today .Last week the self-appointed Smartest People In The World convinced the President, both candidates for President, and roughly half the politicians in Congress that a category five, financial catastrophe would engulf Main Street if the Treasury Department didn’t bail out Wall […]

Big Bailout (5): Government to “fix” the Crisis Government Caused

NYTimes reveals the real cause of the $700B catastrophe now being blamed on “greed” and lack of powerful government intervention .. Click here to see all the articles in this series The oral history of the financial panic of 2008 is evolving rapidly in the establishment, political-media echo chamber.  Many of those who should be […]

Big Bailout (4) Government Fixing The Crisis Government Caused

Can politicians reach an agreement on how to fix the crisis? In a nation where the people are supposedly free and masters of their own destinies, are hopelessly ensnared in the government’s web of corruption, hubris and stupidity.  We powerless citizens are now reduced to watching Senators, Congressmen, and Candidates, who will decide our fate, […]

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