Stupid Media Endlessly Promotes Trump

One of Donald Trump’s favorite applause lines is “Our leaders are very very stupid.”

trump-cartoonBut few of our current leaders have made more headlines with stupid or unworkable ideas than Mr. Trump.  Yet the national media, even in hysterical opposition, treat Trump’s bar stool grunts as if they were feasible strategies that could actually be implemented.

As of this writing his most recent ananity was a crude eruption, contrived to turn the December 2 terror attack in San Bernardino, California into a Trump campaign advantage.

For four days TV news was a Donald free zone,  breathlessly presenting speculation, rumors, and a few facts from San Bernardino.  We saw live coverage of police and FBI press briefings that revealed almost no news.  The sanctimonious talking heads chattered endlessly, attacking gun ownership and scolding us for imaginary retaliation against innocent Muslims.

Finally, Trump decided he’d been ignored long enough and threw a grenade into the debate with another of his shock-and-jaw announcements, this time issued in writing, as a press release:

(New York, NY) December 7th, 2015, — Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.

Trump’s campaign manager was asked if the ban applied to Muslim-Americans, including US troops, returning from overseas business, vacations or deployments.  It applies to “everyone” was the imprecise answer.   Predictably, the media herd actually took this vapid nonsense seriously and, as if Trump had cracked a whip only they could hear, they stampeded, en masse to their cameras and keyboards to denounce him for bigotry, trashing “our values” and – most absurd of all – “handing ISIS a recruiting tool.”

Almost none of the shrieking heads asked how this wacky idea could be implemented when passports do not document religion.  The few who did ask heard the usual, stream of consciousness deflections, from the celebrity candidate who obviously had given the matter no thought, and wasn’t about to.

MSNBC host Willie Geist tried to pry some substance out of the recalcetrant, blowhard. Would airline representatives, customs agents or border guards ask a person’s religion?

“They would say: ‘Are you Muslim?'” Trump replied.

“And if they said, ‘yes,’ they would not be allowed in the country?” Geist asked.

“That’s correct,” Trump said.

So there is!  We’ll keep Islamic fanatics bent on mass murder from entering the country simply by asking them if they’re Muslim!  And Trump expects us to believe they’d admit to their religion, even though doing so would keep them out of the US and derail their mission!

Typically, Mr. Trump revised his response several times without clarifying it.  For example, this was the exchange with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

WALLACE:  Let’s talk practically about how your plan would work.  Someone wants to come to the U.S.  How do you find out if they’re Muslim?  Do you ask them?

TRUMP:  No, you do more than that.  You have a surveillance system and you check things, you have papers, and you have documents, and you go through a process, which we don’t do well right now.

Surveillance system? Trump’s administration will surveil billions of people all over the world and identify all the Muslims in case one of them applies for permission to visit America?  Since passports do not indicate religion the obvious follow-up question was, what are these “papers” and “documents” that expose Islam’s believers?  Probably because he knew the response would be hundreds of meaningless words ending with “we have to do it! We have to make America great again,” Wallace gave up and didn’t bother.

Obvious to anyone outside of cable news and liberal publications a “complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” is impossible to implement even if a President Trump could overcome enormous resistance from Congress and the courts.  And there most certainly would be resistance. While the Constitution’s First Amendment, including the right to free exercise of religion, doesn’t protect people in other nations it does protect anyone who is present in the US, including non-citizens and even illegal immigrants.  The perfectly reasonable and valid Constitutional argument would be made that if one had to renounce his religion in order to enter the country he would not be free to practice that religion, while here.

Trump’s Muslim shut-down is in the same fantasy category as his constantly repeated promise, to deport all of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the US.  Trump never acknowledges, perhaps because he doesn’t even know, that the President doesn’t have the authority to round up and haul millions of people to the border without first proving that each one is a non-citizen, without permission to live here.  Each individual must have a court hearing, wherein he is defended by a qualified immigration attorney, who has spent several hours preparing his case, which must be heard by a qualified immigration judge.  Only after the court rules can he or she be put on a bus or a plane back to Mexico or wherever.  If the court rules against him he is entitled to an appeal.

The existing system of fifty seven federal immigration courts handled approximately 171,000 deportation hearings in 2014.  We did the math.  Trump’s deportation hearings would take about 70 years.  If they all exercised their rights to appeal the time would more than double. Most would die of natural causes before the this government could ramp up the infrastructure to deport them.

And, what if Mexico or another nation refused to accept deportees?  Does Trump have a contingency plan?  Of course not!

Some of our leaders are indeed very, very stupid.  But not as stupid as the national media that awards Trump and his absurd schemes undeserved credibility and more ink and air time than all the other candidates combined.

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