Steady, Committed Leadership Prevails in Wisconsin

Major flow of Democratic Party Campaign Funds will end.

After two weeks of attempted mob rule, aided by President Obama’s outside political organization,  it’s finally done.  On Thursday, as another apoplectic mob gathered inside and outside the Capitol building screaming, cursing and pounding drums, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed Governor Walker’s legislation to reduce the power of public employee unions.  The new law will:

  • Restrict collective bargaining to only one issue, wages.  Benefits will not be subject to collective bargaining.  The union’s bargaining power is restricted to a percentage of base wage no greater than the increase in the consumer price index.  So, if there was 3% inflation last year the largest wage increase the new law would allow the union and the state/county/city employers to negotiate would be 3%.
  • End collective bargaining over work rules and personnel procedures.  This is important because state and local government and public school personnel policies have been dictated by the unions in collective bargaining agreements rather than decided by the Legislature or local city and county officials or school boards.  For example, if teacher layoffs become necessary due to declining tax revenue or declining enrollment, school boards will now be able to keep the best and brightest rather than those with the most seniority.
  • End the practice of forcing employees to pay union dues via payroll deduction.  Dues payment will become voluntary.
  • Require an annual re-certification election in each bargaining unit, beginning this year.  The union will not continue in power without a yes vote from a majority of the employees in the bargaining unit.  Most current employees are union members not because they voted for certification but because they were required to join and pay dues as a condition of employment.  No longer will a union election held decades ago bind current employees.

This act is a major breakthrough.  It will reduce costs and improve government and schools for Wisconsin taxpayers.  But it will also reduce funding to the Democratic party which of course is the real reason for all the hysteria.

There aren’t many Republicans who are as steady and stalwart as Governor Walker.  In fact Republicans are known for “going wobbly” when opposition becomes forceful.  Any other state governors follow Walker’s lead and attempt overcome the powerful public employee unions deserve our enthusiastic support.

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  1. Drew on March 11th, 2011

    Proof that the left and the media was right. All the mobs, the Nazi signs, the shouting, death threats, trashing of the WI capitol building by those crazed Tea Partyers………….oh, wait

  2. thousand flowers blooming on March 13th, 2011

    You wannabe “capitalists,” blogging from your parents’ basements are clueless about what struggles middle class working people face.

    Walker and his band of corporate thugs is trying to destroy 50 years of middle class progress toward a more democratic and fair America.

  3. Drew on March 14th, 2011

    Heh. “Wannabe capitalist” here. I comment from a green, leafy suburb of Chicago, and at times from my place in “green, Palm Tree leafy” Naples, Florida.

    You, thousand brain cells working on your best day?

    And I’m now paying $20K per year in property taxes just in IL, 80% going to schools. And I’m about to write a check for about $500K in income taxes – the smallest in years.

    You, thousand brain cells working on your best day?

    When you decide to start contributing to society in a significant way – rather than just impotently whining like an old woman, let us know.

  4. Drew on March 14th, 2011

    This is why thousand brains cells – tops – is about as interesting as a turnip: