Runaway Spending: Urgent Action Needed!

The Treasury Department’s monthly report for January was published Thursday. January was the fourth month of the government’s fiscal year.  Thus, one-third of the 2011 fiscal year is already behind us.

In the face of the most urgent fiscal and debt crisis in American history the government still managed to spend $53 billion or 5% more in the first four months of 2011 than the first four months of 2010.Some of the larger increases were:

  • Medicaid: Up 9.7%.  Weren’t we promised ObamaCare would save money?
  • Fish, Wildlife & Parks: Up 19%
  • Department of Transportation: Up 3.4%
  • Troubled Asset Relief Program (Bailouts) Up 251%
  • Federal Aid to highways: Up 12%
  • Interest on the federal debt: Up 3.1%
  • Veterans’ benefits: Up 10.3%
  • Environmental Protection Agency: Up 41%
  • Social Security Benefits: Up $6.5 billion or 3.5%
  • Federal Disability Insurance Benefits: Up 4.4%
  • Department of Agriculture: Up 7.4%
  • Department of Defense Up $9.2 billion or 4%
  • Department of Energy “Science programs”: Up 42%
  • Federal Student Aid: Up 19.2%.  Did the President promise that the government take-over would save money?

Two notable decreases were:

  • Unemployment insurance benefits: Down $8 billion or 14%
  • Medicare benefits: Down $4.7 billion or 2.2%

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