Recruiting Quotas Exceeded – The Military Is Not “Broken” or “Strained”

The media herd doesn’t report recruiting statistics

when the news is good. But we will.

The Services just released their recruiting statistics for July and all of them met or exceeded their quotas.

In addition, the Army, Navy and Marine Corps have met or exceeded cumulative retention goals for the Federal fiscal year that ends September 30.

Marine recruiters exceeded their July quota by 17%, even though joining the Marines virtually guarantees a deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan immediately after training.

These are amazing recruiting statistics considering the cultural influences that daily bombard the nation’s youth. Leftist college professors, high profile politicians like John Kerry, the news media, and the entertainment media all strive to convince young people that the troops are victims and military service is for losers or maniacs.

But in July, almost thirty eight thousand of America’s finest young men and women defied the professors, the politicians and Hollywood.

The media herd finds good recruiting news unworthy of publication because it contradicts a core media doctrine: The volunteer military is “broken.” The media are unable to, and don’t try to explain how a broken military could have pulled off such stunning success in Iraq over the past year.

For nearly a year, Barack Obama promised, emphatically, that he would abandon the Iraq operation, even though success was finally a realistic probability, no matter how horrendous the consequences. Recently he grudgingly acknowledged the obvious success of the military strategies called “the surge,” but says he still believes the surge was the wrong thing to do. He doesn’t go so far as to claim the Military is “broken, but he does cite “strain on the military” as a reason why the surge should not have been undertaken, even though it has been spectacularly successful.

He now says that whether or not the Iraqis are fully prepared to repel Al Qaeda and the Iranian-backed terrorists, he will withdraw all combat troops within 16 months, even though such a schedule is logistically impossible. Yet he also says there will be a “residual force” large enough to repel Al Qaeda. And all this comes under what he calls “the mission” he will assign the military on Day One of his administration: “End the war,” a campaign slogan beneath the dignity of the military, and in view of his various contradictory promises, a meaningless phrase.

Military volunteers deserve a leader who can think clearly, in terms of actionable goals that can become valid military missions. They do not deserve a leader like Obama, who tries to find a precarious political balance between what’s obviously best for America, a successful Iraqi democracy, and the demands of his fanatic Left base for failure in Iraq to vindicate their virulent enmity toward George W. Bush.

The all volunteer military is America’s most precious asset. We voters owe the men and women who voluntarily serve us a competent Commander-in-Chief. The Commander-In-Chief need not be a military veteran, but he/she should have learned enough about military operations, strategies and tactics to earn their respect.

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  1. theclassiclib on August 13th, 2008

    The media and their left-wing counterparts don’t want people to be aware of all the support the military receives in America, nor the desire of men and women to voluntarily join.

    It defeats their purpose!

    They’re pushing to require every American at age 18 to join the military. Contrary to their rhetoric, they believe this will force enough people into the military who don’t desire to be there, hence, destroying it from within.

    I’m glad you brought this up! I will be blogging on this subject tomorrow (

  2. […] deception or other means.  There’s no need for it.  As we all know, the military has been meeting its recruitment quotas without a hitch for years […]

  3. Dave on February 6th, 2009

    I think it is funny that Air Force Reserve and Army National Guard have the same statistics here. This information seems fishy and made up.