Pearl Anniversary

Today the captivating Mrs. Boomerjeff and I celebrate the first 30 years of a truly blessed marriage.  kids-bride-groom

Through good times and tough times we’ve enjoyed the special blessing of a marriage dedicated to God.  We have shared everything, including our own business.  She is my best friend, my lover, my confidant, my wise adviser in everything, including Liberty Works.   

We wrote our own wedding vows 25 years ago and I’d like to share them here:

I _____ promise to take you _____, sent as a blessing from God, to be my loving husband/wife.

To live together in the holy state of matrimony…sharing our thoughts, dreams, victories, and disappointments.

I will lift you to God daily in prayer…

I will love and accept you just as you are, thanking God for the differences between us, knowing that it is our differences that enable us to complete one another.

I will seek your wisdom in all of life…

I will encourage you to succeed with your dreams…

I will care for you gladly in times of need…

In sickness and in health, I will give you comfort and refuge…

I will try always to be a positive force in your life…no matter what the circumstances.

With reverence to God’s holy plan, I will love you totally and exclusively…never allowing anyone or anything to come between us in our relationship with each other and God.

Through the strength I receive from Christ, our loving Lord, I will never set aside the vows we have shared here today…so long as we both shall live.

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