Civilian Shooting Victim Tells Her Incredible Story

“They had no regard for their own lives. They surrounded me and my son”

July 4th: Day of The Declaration of Independence

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

July 4, 1776:

Visionary men published radical ideas that altered the course of history.

The Declaration of Independence

We humbly suggest that part of every American family’s July 4th celebration should be rereading and reflecting on the great truths of The Declaration of Independence.  We individual, patriotic citizens must make sure all American children are exposed to this greatest of all political documents. We can no longer depend on government schools.

This revolutionary document established the “self-evident” truths that we are all created equal and that our rights are “endowed” by or are received directly from God, our creator.  The only legitimate purpose of government is to protect, not to dispense or withhold those preexisting, God-endowed rights.


The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Continued

Astounding history from Ronald Reagan’s Second Inaugural Address:

Two of our Founding Fathers, a Boston lawyer named Adams and a Virginia planter named Jefferson, members of that remarkable group who met in Independence Hall and dared to think they could start the world over again, left us an important lesson.

They had become political rivals in the Presidential election of 1800. Then years later, when bothreagan-atpodium.jpg were retired, and age had softened their anger, they began to speak to each other again through letters. A bond was reestablished between those two who had helped create this government of ours.

In 1826, the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, they both died. They died on the same day, within a few hours of each other, and that day was the Fourth of July.

In one of those letters exchanged in the sunset of their lives, Jefferson wrote: “It carries me back to the times when, beset with difficulties and dangers, we were fellow laborers in the same cause, struggling for what is most valuable to man, his right to self-government. Laboring always at the same oar, with some wave ever ahead threatening to overwhelm us, and yet passing harmless … we rode through the storm with heart and hand.”

Media Ignore Devastating Jobs Report

What if there was a shocking employment statistic but nobody paid any attention?

Measured by the norms in place in 2008 the May Unemployment Rate would have been 9.8%, not the 4.7% reported by the Administration.

The Commerce Department published a depressing monthly jobs report on June 3. Public and private sector employers combined created a pitiful 38,000 jobs during the month of May, less than one-fifth of May’s one-month increase in the working age population.Arc of-participation-june-2016

But the media are obsessed with Donald Trump who showed no interest in the report.  Instead he captivated the “news” for a week by deploying the prestige of the Republican Presidential Campaign in pursuit of a small-minded, personal grudge against a judge who’s presiding over a lawsuit in which he’s a defendant.  Thus the media had little air time for the jobs report’s most discouraging finding, further decline in Labor Force Participation.

The White House, relieved that the expected withering, election year criticism from the Republican campaign wasn’t heard, issued a subdued announcement that emphasized the unemployment rate, which had ticked down to 4.7% from 5% in April.

But it turns out the gradually declining unemployment rate of the Obama era is misleading.  This is the first time since monthly job reports began, eight decades ago, that a falling unemployment rate is bad news. Why? Because it results not from jobless people finding employment but rather from jobless people being reclassified from “unemployed” to “out of the labor force.”

Obama-Era-LFPR-VS-UERAs This chart shows, the gradual decline in the unemployment rate since it peaked at 10% in 2009 coincides with a an unprecedented decline in the labor force participation rate.

  • The Labor Force is the sum of all persons who have jobs plus all who are officially classified as “unemployed.”
  • The labor force participation rate is the percentage of the total civilian, working age population that is counted as in the labor force.
  • The unemployment rate is the percentage of the labor force that is jobless and actively seeking employment.  It’s computed by dividing the number of unemployed by the the total labor force.

Since the unemployment rate began to fall from it’s peak in October 2009 over six million  jobless people have been reclassified from “unemployed” to “out of the labor force.”  In just the month of May another 458,000 jobless men and women were reclassified as “out of the labor force.”

Excluding people from the labor force this way artificially lowers the unemployment rate.  If they were still counted as in the labor force and unemployed, the May Unemployment rate would have been 8.2%

If the labor force participation rate were the same now as it was at the beginning of the recession in 2008 the May Unemployment Rate would have been 9.8%

Thus, the decline in the unemployment rate throughout the Obama era has been due almost entirely to reclassifying jobless workers from “unemployed” to “not in the labor force.”

Reagan-era-LFPR-vs-UERThe next chart shows the first 80 months of recovery after the recession President Reagan inherited in 1981.  While the political-media establishment relentlessly reminds us of their opinion that President Obama inherited the worst recession ever, the data tell a different story.

The unemployment rate spiked higher in 1982 than it did in 2009.  In the early eighties mortgage interest rates soared to above 15% compared to about 5%  during the 2008-09 recession and 3.5% today.  One of the causes of the 1981-82 recession was a monetary crisis that drove inflation as high as 15% compared to around 1% during the past 8 years.

But the recovery from the 1980s recession was spectacularly successful because Reagan’s policies of cutting taxes and reducing the regulatory burden on investors and businesses released the economy to grow and create more jobs.  The result was a much more rapid reduction in the unemployment rate coinciding with a dramatic increase in the labor force participation rate.

It turns out that in every previous post-recession recovery the labor force participation rate was flat or increased.  The current era is the first time participation has declined during a recovery.  Thus, the current era is the first time a declining unemployment rate is not an indicator of a better economy.

At the basic, philosophical level, Ronald Reagan believed in economic liberty while Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton believe in the progressive dream of a powerful government directing and controlling the economy from Washington.  The practical results of these conflicting beliefs are clear and have been demonstrated over and over. Yet, the progressive Left doggedly pursues it’s continuous government expansion project, always promising that more control will make us more prosperous.

Media Ignore a Devastating Economic Report

Donald Trump needs a united Republican Party if he hopes to win in November.  He could start the unification process by citing these recent economic data and proposing proven free market economic policies.

America’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew at a  pathetic 0.5% in the first quarter 2016. 

2015-16-step-downSerious candidates for President usually express frustration with media personalities who ignore their ideas and dwell instead on “horse race” questions, like what does the candidate intend to do about his/her low rating in a recent poll of married, suburban Hispanic women over fifty in New Jersey?

Donald Trump on the other hand, loves horse race questions.  The media give Trump more air time than all the other candidates combined because almost all he talks about is the horse race.  In speeches and interviews he rambles on and on about polls, the size of the crowds at his stadium events.

Because of media obsession horse race distractions, a devastating economic report came and went at the end of April with virtually no notice. Neither Democrat Candidate expressed any concern or offered any ideas about what government could do to help restore normal GDP growth. Their “economic” policies consist of extravagant promises to the various, aggrieved identity groups the Obama campaign engendered and nurtured, combined with loathing of business owners and investors.

Genuine, free market GOP candidates could make a powerful case against Democrat’s progressive economics simply by citing the results expressed in the charts below.  Unfortunately, the media will allow no time for such discussions which they brush away as “too down in the weeds.”

This chart compares the 28 quarters of the Obama era post-recession recovery with the first 28 quarters of every previous recovery since the government began issuing quarterly GDP reports.  In each case measurement begins with the first quarter of positive GDP growth after a recession.  Obviously, the Obama “recovery” ranks tenth out of ten. GDP-through-2016-Q1

Mrs. Clinton claims that President Obama “lifted us out of recession” with his massive, “stimulus” program of deficit spending.  But the next chart debunks her claim.  Every previous recession has ended with little or no government intervention.  The chart below shows the spending increase or decrease during the first two years of each of the recessions that preceded the recoveries in the chart above.spending-increase-each-recession2

We included the second chart because the President, the Democrats and the media promised us back in 2009 that a massive spike in deficit spending would buy a “robust recovery” and put America back to work.  The President promised his so-called stimulus would “immediately jumpstart job creation and long term growth.”  The media and progressive economists were unanimous: A monster program of government borrowing and spending would result in prosperity. The stimulus package was enacted on the 23d day of his Presidency. 

Seven years later we’re still waiting for the promised jumpstart.  But American taxpayers will be paying the interest on Obama’s debt for generations.  His reckless experiment has so far generated an alarming $6.2 trillion in deficits in seven years.  U.S. Government Debt held by the public is 135% greater than it was seven years ago.

The American economy, while the most resilient in human history, struggles under the weight of decades of accumulated government intervention in the form of excessive regulation, taxation, and bureaucratic mandates, the most recent being Obamacare and the massive, Dodd-Frank financial regulation law.  These government intrusions into the private sector, and the generally anti-business, anti-investment attitude of the Obama Administration discourages and deters entrepreneurs and investors, resulting in dramatically fewer business start-ups and expansions and, of course, fewer of the jobs they create.

The manifest, easily understood failure of Obama’s textbook, big government ideas presents an historic opportunity for a Republican Presidential candidate, not only to win the election but to do so with a genuine mandate for reduction of federal taxes, regulation and intervention in the economy.

Unfortunately, the presumptive GOP nominee has ignored this opportunity and chosen instead to form a cult of personality around himself.  His “make America great again” without any policy details, is the mirror image of Obama’s meaningless “Hope and Change,” a blank screen upon which voters with varied and diverse views project their own thoughts and ideas.  Thus, at his raucous, Obama style, stadium events, each of the cheering fans believes he/she is among thousands of like-minded disciples, even though the person in the next seat may have very different views. 

Like Obama’s true believers, Trump’s fans will be disappointed if he becomes president and the promised millions of jobs don’t “come back from China” and it turns out that Trump’s idea of a “great” America is, simply, America with him as President.

Student Honors Heroes on Memorial Day

My phenomenal granddaughter, Belle, will receive her University degree, graduating Summa Cum Laude next month.  When she was in eighth grade her class visited Washington D.C.  She wrote about her impressions of the Iwo Jima Memorial.

iwojimamemarlington.JPGThe Iwo Jima Memorial has a very unique style. It is designed so that when you are driving around the monument it looks like the Marines are raising the American flag.

Around the top of the memorial are battles the Americans have fought. The earliest battle is the Revolutionary War, dating from 1775 to 1785. The most recent is Korea,  fought in 1950.

From a distance the memorial looks very small, but when you get up close to it the statue is bigger than you can imagine.

Iwo Jima is a memorial that is dedicated to all Marines who died in American history. War is a very devastating thing and it’s hard to understand that our country has to drop bombs on places so that we can keep peace.

back-of-iwojimamemorial.jpgzThere is a seal on the memorial that reads, “Uncommon valor was a common virtue,” which means Always Faithful. This is so true of the Marines, actually true of all military services, because they are always faithful to their country and to their countrymen and they give everything to keep us safe and keep our freedom strong.

This memorial is very interesting to look at and I really enjoyed it. We actually went to the memorial as it was beginning to get dark. While looking at the memorial with the sun going down behind it the sky began getting a bluish purple tint that was very pretty.

closeup-iwo-jima.jpgI think that this memorial shows all the love and dedication these soldiers have for their country and their people. It helps us realize that our country would be completely different without them.

I really can’t imagine how the world would be if soldiers never had the courage to go and fight for our country. I admire the strength and persistence that they continue to fight with even now .


Tax Trumpery: Two Faces of The Donald

Would President Trump support tax cuts or tax hikes?  Nobody knows, not even the candidate, himself.

trumpery-definition-smallSecond in our Trumpery Series.  The first is here.

Last week, Donald Trump appeared with his family on the Today Show where he responded to questions from members of the studio audience as well as from hosts Matt Lauer and Savanna Guthrie. One of the questions was about taxes:

SAVANNA GUTHRIE: Do you believe in raising taxes on the wealthy?

DONALD TRUMP: I do. I do. Including myself. I do.

Trump-vs-current-tax-brackets2But this statement directly contradicts Trump’s own tax reform plan.  Our table to the right compares current IRS tax rates on high incomes with new lower rates proposed several months ago by Mr. Donald J Trump!  His lower tax rates are still here, on his campaign website.

Astoundingly, a video of the Today Show question and answer transcribed above is also on Trump’s campaign website, here!

At Liberty Works we support tax cuts for high income taxpayers because, as the pie chart below shows, most of them are the owners of the small and medium sized businesses that create most of the new jobs in America. They expand their businesses and start new businesses by reinvesting after tax profits.  Taxing away their profits simply diminishes the seed corn of economic growth.

For nearly a century Democrats have encouraged voters to indulge the ugly and self-destructive emotions of rage and resentment against “the wealthy.”  Denouncing high income Americans has been a core Democrat Party campaign strategy.  When they won elections Democrats harmed the economy and the non-rich by using government power to express these futile emotions through the tax code.

business-ownersSo it’s discouraging to hear the “Republican front runner” join the Democrats in calling for tax hikes on the wealthy.  It’s also alarming because he appeared on TV contradicting the tax plan published on his own website!

What are we to conclude from this? Is Mr. Trump openly, blatantly pandering with different messages to different groups of voters at the same time? Does he even know what’s on his website?  Does he remember calling for reductions in tax rates?  Did someone else place a “tax plan” on his website that he didn’t even bother to read?  

And why haven’t the media called for clarification?

Regarding the candidacy of Donald Trump we are reminded of when then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously announced that Congress would have to pass the Obamacare legislation so that she, members of the House and Senate, and the voters could discover what was in it.  Likewise we would have to elect Donald Trump to the White House to find out what his real policy ideas and beliefs are.  Let’s not.

Insipid Trumpery (1)

trumpery-dictionaryFirst in a series. 

The word trumpery, with similar definitions, appears in every English language dictionary.

Trumpery, as practiced by Donald Trump, includes meandering, unfocused babble, frenzied repetition of  meaningless phrases and misinformation, all expressed with pompous self-admiration. Consider this exchange with Chris Matthews on MSNBC:

MATTHEWS:  OK.  You said last night on CNN you’re not going to stick to this pledge to back the [Republican] nominee.  Is that — are you sticking to that?

TRUMP:  I have not been treated properly.  People understand.  They haven’t stuck to the pledge.  I don’t want an endorsement from somebody that doesn’t feel like, oh, I love Trump.  If he wins, he’s going to be the guy.  I don’t want that endorsement, I’m not looking for that endorsement.

So when they ask me about Cruz and the endorsement, I said, no, no.  Just put — no pressure on Cruz, tell him he doesn’t have to endorse me.  Please don’t endorse me. It doesn’t matter.  The endorsements don’t mean very much.  You know, I have great endorsements, I have some phenomenal endorsements.

Wait! Trump was asked if he would decline to back someone else as nominee.  His response was that he didn’t want an endorsement from someone who doesn’t love him, or, from Ted Cruz.  AND by the way, he has “phenomenal endorsements” – but endorsements don’t mean much.

Here’s an excerpt from the April 3d Face the Nation with Host, John Dickerson.

DICKERSON: When people looked at your answer on abortion, on proliferation, they got the sense you were just winging it on foreign policy — on policy issues.

TRUMP: I’m not winging it.

DICKERSON: Have you been studying up?

TRUMP: I have. I have.

DICKERSON: You met with your foreign policy team in your hotel in Washington.  What did you ask them?

TRUMP: More than anything else, I discussed nuclear.

Wait!  The question was,  “what did you ask them”? Of course Trump doesn’t ask or listen. He talks. If he really did meet with a so-called foreign policy team, whoever that is, he did the talking.  Trump continued:

TRUMP: To me, the single biggest problem that this world has — and we will knock out ISIS fast and we will do a lot of things — but the single biggest problem that the world has is nuclear. I think, if somebody gets nuclear weapons, that is a disaster.

By what standard does Trump find nuclear “the single biggest problem”?  He didn’t say because he doesn’t ponder such abstract questions.  Nuclear weapons were used only once, 71 years ago.  Since then, millions have been killed or maimed by missiles, chemical weapons, bullets and bombs.

What did he mean by “if somebody gets nuclear”?  As Trump himself has said, several nations already have nuclear capability, including North Korea, a Communist dictatorship run by a lunatic.  In a later interview he contradicted himself by calling for even more nations to develop nuclear capability.

Of course, Trump doesn’t know who “somebody” is.  He  simply verbalizes his fleeting thoughts and emotions, in real time, the instant he experiences them.  Then the media replay those thoughts dozens of times, as if they had more meaning or validity than random grunts from the guy on the third stool down at the corner bar.

DICKERSON: Did they [the purported foreign policy team] say anything to you that you have been saying and said, you probably shouldn’t say that?

TRUMP: Not at all. In fact, many of them — and I will give you full list of the people that were there, and the list is being added on, and we have many people that are top people that want to come on board.  Many of them were surprised at my knowledge, and they were surprised at the feel that I had for it. I have a feel. I have… I will tell you what the feel is.

Remember the original question that opened this back and forth? It was, “have you been winging it?”  Trump’s claim to be speaking from “a feel” is, of course the same thing as winging it.  It’s bluffing.  It’s expressing uninformed opinions because he gets away with uninformed opinions.  Trump continued:

TRUMP: The feel is, I was asked about NATO. Now, as an entrepreneur, I have never been really asked too much about NATO. NATO is not exactly — when I’m doing deals or building buildings in Washington or New York or wherever I may be building them, but the question was asked about NATO

Knowing a little bit about NATO at the time — this was a couple of weeks ago — I said, in my opinion, NATO is obsolete. It’s many, many decades old, like now 68 years, but it’s many, many decades old. And NATO is too expensive, because we can’t afford this anymore.

This response is another indication that he has indeed been winging it. When he disparaged NATO in the CNN interview he was speaking as a candidate for President, not a deal-maker/building-builder. Yet in the ninth month of his campaign he still lacks informed opinions.  He still spoke from lack of knowledge, as if the interview was a construction site bull session, and his ignorant ideas would not be flashed around the world and thus would not matter.  With little or no thought Mr. Trump alarmed twenty seven allied nations by summarily dismissing NATO as “obsolete” because it’s old and “expensive.”

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO is a seven decades old, mutual defense treaty organization with 28 member nations, including the United States.  Why doesn’t Trump think it’s a good thing that the NATO alliance has survived seven tumultuous decades, through eight Democrat and eight Republican Administrations, and political turmoil in the other member nations?  Would he likewise dismiss our much older treaty relationships with, say England, Australia and Canada? Trump continued his response to the question about his foreign policy team:

It turned out I was right on every single subject… And people were surprised at the instinct that I had, because it turns out that we are spending too much money on NATO, and it turns out, very importantly, that it is obsolete. NATO is not talking about terrorism.

Trump’s claim that after he became informed it “turned out” he was right is further confirmation that initially he was winging it.  And who made the determination that he was right? Donald Trump, of course! Certainly nobody from the alleged foreign policy team has come forward to confirm that he’s “right” about anything.  What’s tough about foreign policy is the “right” answer is usually elusive.  Most often there is no objectively “right” assessment or course of action.

What about terrorism?  In this interview he said “NATO is not talking about terrorism.” In other interviews he said “NATO doesn’t cover terrorism.”  But this simply isn’t true. NATO forces are currently deployed in counter-terrorism operations in several places, including Afghanistan, The Horn of Africa and The Mediterranean Sea.

What about the cost of NATO? In a radio interview with host Charlie Sykes Trump bellowed:

We pay so much disproportionately more for NATO. We are getting ripped off by every country in NATO, where they pay virtually nothing, most of them. And we’re paying the majority of the costs.

NATO has a relatively small infrastructure, including its administrative and command headquarters staff that is funded by direct cash contributions from member nations.  In 2016 it’s projected to cost about $2.4 billion.  The portion of the total that each member nation contributes is equal to its national income relative to the total national income of all members.  With the largest national income America contributes 22%.  In 2016 this will be $519 Million or slightly less than one percent of our total 2016 Defense Department budget of $585 Billion.

In addition to cash contributions, each member nation pledges to spend proportionate amounts on its own military.  Only America spends in excess of its pledge every year.  Many of the other nations have fallen short in some years.  A few have fallen short every year.  This is, of course, a problem.  But it isn’t that America is being “ripped off.”  Again, we’re spending on our own military, which we would do anyway.  And Trump has never alleged that we spend too much on the military!  Just today, at a rally in New York he repeated his standard promise:

We are going to rebuild our military.  It’s totally depleted, we’re going to rebuild our military it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before!

Trump’s promised military rebuild would cost far more than our NATO pledge.  So he has offered absolutely nothing to support his allegations that NATO is obsolete, that all the other countries “pay virtually nothing” and that America is being “ripped off.”

Yes, NATO has faults that should be addressed.  But Donald Trump has given no effort to learn what the real problems are and no effort to figure out how to solve them.  Instead, he has spewed witless trumpery that risks damaging the NATO alliance for no benefit.

Urgent Campaign Issues (1)

First in a series

The Presidential Campaign has been long on personal insults and promises of loony fantasies that will never happen but short on debate of real issues that will be critically important over the next eight years. 

The rich can not be taxed enough to pay for Mrs. Clinton’s promised programs and benefits.  Forced Deportation of 12 million men women and children is simply beyond the logistical and administrative capacity of the federal government. It won’t happen.  We’ll never see the government become the healthcare provider to every citizen, even though Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have both said they can make it happen.

Thus, we the people must demand that candidates focus on urgent matters that will have to be addressed over the next four to eight years, whether or not they wish to talk about them.

Let’s start with what is one of the most urgent problems. 

debt-chart-2015The recent growth in US government debt is obviously unsustainable.  There is no reasonable scenario under which this debt is ever paid off.  Interest on the debt is a major and rising federal expense, crowding out other priorities. 

Nobody can predict when the world’s investors will begin to balk at loaning even more to our reckless politicians.  But when the inevitable shift from investor confidence to no confidence in the US government comes, it will be sudden and without warning.  That’s how markets work.

Government borrowing isn’t always bad. But it should occur only in emergency or crisis situations, not as a routine policy that never stops.

We the people must demand that candidates propose serious, doable plans to transform annual budget deficits into annual surpluses.

Trump Thinks His Followers Are Idiots

A President’s character and integrity matters. A lot. Thus it’s a big deal when a Presidential candidate is caught in an blatant attempt to deceive his own supporters. 

trump-tweet-phony-megynIt seems that Donald Trump is still nursing a grudge against Moderator Megyn Kelly whose offense was asking him one difficult question in the first Fox News debate back in August.  When Fox News CEO Roger Ailes declined to meet his demand that Kelly not be allowed to help Moderate the Fox debate just before the Iowa caucus, Trump announced that he would not show up.

Trump was busy on Twitter during the hours leading up to debate time, attempting to discredit Fox News and Megyn Kelly.

One of his nasty tweets, shown to the right, is a combination of two major deceptions:

  1. It says Saudi Prince Al-Waleed is “the co-owner of Fox News,” a description meant to plant the perception in the mind of the reader that the Prince is an equal partner with another owner and thus participates in programming decisions. But in fact he owns about 6% of the stock in 21st Century Fox Corporation, parent company of Fox News, Fox Sports Channel, Fox Business Channel, the Fox Entertainment Network, a movie studio and several other properties.  21st Century is traded on the NASDAQ so anyone can buy shares of its stock.  But a stock holder has no authority over management of, or content produced by any of its divisions any more than an Apple stock holder decides what features will be in the next iphone.
  2. The photo, purporting to be of Megyn Kelly posing with Prince Al-Waleed, is a Photoshop Hoax.  Her image was lifted from this Hollywood Reporter web page, (reproduced below) and placed into a photo of the Prince and a woman in a burka.

The millions of voters who support Mr. Trump have legitimate grievances against President Obama and the governing establishment, including the Republicans they helped to win majorities in the House and Senate.  The Trump campaign is designed to channel their anger after the GOP has failed to acknowledge or address these grievances in any meaningful way.  He deserves credit for calling out the tyranny of political correctness and thought control inflicted upon the nation by the progressive movement and it’s media toadies.

But unfortunately, the Trump campaign quickly degenerated into a classic cult of personality.  As we explained here and here his signature campaign promises are unworkable fantasies.  Yet, if one believes the polls, his fans willingly forgive or ignore his manifest lack of honesty, integrity and realistic ideas.  We can only hope a more honorable GOP candidate emerges who can identify with these aggrieved voters and expose Trump for the fraud he is before he wins the nomination and thus awards the Presidency to the Democrats for another four years at least.


Trump’s Birther Scam Against Cruz

Nothing in the Constitution or the law supports Donald Trump’s accusation that Ted Cruz is disqualified by birth from the Presidency.Cruz-and-little-trump

After Mr. Trump spent a week casting doubt on whether Senator Ted Cruz meets the Constitution’s “natural born citizen” requirement to be President, Mr. Newton B Schwartz, a Texas attorney reacted by filing a lawsuit in Federal Court.  The suit alleges  that Senator Cruz is not a natural born citizen, and does not qualify for the office of President.   Mr Schwartz asks for an immediate Supreme Court ruling.

There is no Constitutional or legal basis to disqualify Senator Cruz from the Presidency.  This is a manufactured  “issue,” and is nothing but cynical mischief-making by Trump who’s dominant skill is driving the ignorant and manipulable media herd (including the awestruck Trump groupies at Fox News) to suddenly stampede in any direction he chooses.


The Constitution recognizes only two sources of citizenship:
  • Birth: One who is automatically a citizen at birth.
  • Naturalization: A person who is not an American citizen by birth can apply for citizenship and, after completing a process called “naturalization” become a citizen. A Naturalized citizen can not be President.
Nowhere in the Constitution is there a distinction between a “natural born” citizen by birth and some other, lower class of citizen by birth.  One is either a natural born citizen at birth or not a citizen at birth.  There is no “in between.”
The Constitution empowers Congress to enact laws setting forth the circumstances of citizenship by birth.  Under the last Congressional action in this regard, The Immigration and nationality Act of 1952 are seven categories of citizen by birth or “natural born” citizen. One of those categories is a person born outside the United States to one parent who is not a citizen and one parent who is a citizen and has lived in the US more than ten years, the exact circumstances of the birth of Ted Cruz.


Mr Schwartz’s 28 page lawsuit is a slap-dash document, littered with typos.  It’s “case” against Senator Cruz is woven into many pages of Mr. Schwartz’s irrelevant opinions on topics as diverse as abortion, the age of the earth, Japanese internment during World War II, Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious doctrines, and Donald Trump’s other “birther” campaign, against President Obama.

But, Mr. Schwartz urges the court to rule as soon as possible, hopefully before the Iowa Caucus on February 1.  And, he does go out of his way to eliminate any potential barriers to a quick, clean decision by the court.  His suit seeks no money, not even legal fees.  The only facts he presents are simple, agreed to by Cruz, and indisputable.  Cruz was born in Canada to a mother who was a citizen by virtue of having been born in Delaware and a father who was a non-citizen, Cuban immigrant.  Thus, the court would not have to sort through competing versions of the facts and could simply rule on the law. 

It remains to be seen if the Supreme Court agrees that it can and should come forth with an instant ruling.  An early ruling would certainly diminish Trump, vindicate Cruz and further elevate voter perception of this remarkable Senator from Texas.

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