Occupy Wall Street Will Help Defeat Obama

As a life-long political activist old enough to remember the 1960s I predict the Occupy Wall Street rabble will do for Barack Obama what their similarly clueless progenitors did for 1968 Democratic Presidential Nominee Hubert Humphrey.

As in the sixties, the slovenly protesters are perceived to be Democratic/liberal/progressive followers.  Their only coherent position, opposition to “the top 1%” is consistent with Democrats’ current campaign themes and legislative agenda.

President Obama, Vice President Biden and Minority Leader Pelosi have all made supportive comments to reinforce the perception that they are united with the protesters.  Thus, disgusted voters will will link the Occupy Wall Street hordes with Democrats even though the protestors have voiced complaints against recent policies and actions of Obama and the Democrats.

In 1968 similar mobs poisoned the Democrats’ Presidential nominating process first by driving incumbent President Johnson to retire instead of seeking a second term and then with violent demonstrations all across the nation.  The ugliness and violence peaked at the Democratic Convention in Chicago, where demonstrators fought with cops who worked for Mayor Daily and the Democratic machine.  Here’s a video.

The result: Republican Richard Nixon won the Presidency by a 110 electoral vote margin even though Conservatives didn’t like him, most voters didn’t trust him, and a third party candidate won most of the South.

Any of the current Republican contenders would be more appealing to independent voters in 2012 than the mercurial Nixon was in 1968.   It doesn’t seem likely that Occupy Wall Street will persuade independents to reject the Republican nominee in favor of Obama.  Occupy’s most likely accomplishment will be to discourage and demoralize Obama’s liberal base and further alienate independents who have already begun to abandon him, even though they don’t know who the Republican nominee will be.

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  1. The Outlier on October 12th, 2011

    As I watched the Republican Primary Debate last night, I was pleased that Karen Tumulty, national political correspondent for the Washington Post, questioned the candidates about the relative health of Main Street and Wall Street in the midst of recession. I have to admit, I was a little surprised by the unanimity of denial regarding the culpability of Wall Street. Continue reading ?http://outlierideas.com/2011/10/12/occupy-wall-street-common-ground-and-revelations/

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  4. Political-Bill on October 16th, 2011

    Real people on Main Street who don’t make money shuffling paper in New York sky scrappers understand, even if you don’t. The wealthy few control distribution of resources and money in this economy and they take care of themselves.

    The people are beginning to get it.

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