Obama’s September 10 Missile Defense Policy

Barack Obama promises:


“I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems.”


Of course, all weapons were at one time “unproven.” The slingshot was “unproven” until someone invested the time and effort to experiment and develop the idea.

Missile defense is simple in concept. If an enemy launches a missile at Washington DC or Los Angeles or Seattle, we should have defensive missiles to fire at it and disable it, so it falls harmlessly into the ocean.

In criticizing missile defense, Senator Obama is chanting one of the Left’s standard doctrines since Ronald Reagan first proposed missile defense in 1983.  The Democrats called Reagan’s idea “star wars” in an effort to plant in the minds of voters a perception that this former actor  was indulging in a technologically impossible, Hollywood fantasy.

In the eighties, the only “defense” America officially recognized was a military doctrine known as deterrence through “mutually assured destruction” or MAD. This doctrine held that our ability to retaliate and destroy the enemy (the Soviet Union) would deter them from firing missiles at us.

One of the lessons of the 9-11 attacks is this doctrine is dangerously obsolete.   Nineteen enemy combatants, who were affiliated with no county’s government, killed 3,000 Americans and destroyed Billions in infrastructure. It is now technologically possible for a group like Al Qaeda to fire a nuclear missile at Los Angeles or Boston or Houston or Miami from a rogue ship or a remote island.

We’re now in an era when war is waged against America by small groups of terrorists who aren’t a country and don’t have any territory, and thus are indifferent to a threat of retaliation. MAD means nothing to them.

For decades Democrats used a 1976 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) treaty with the former Soviet Union as an excuse to block research and development of a defensive missile system. Even though a clause within the treaty permitted either nation to pull out simply by giving 60 days notice, Democrats insisted the treaty was more important than developing any form of missile that wasn’t permitted by the treaty. Even after the Soviet Union ceased to exist in 1991, Democrats in Congress continued to restrict development of missile defense in deference to the ABM treaty which, they claimed, was still in effect.

On September 7, 2001 Democrats, who controlled the Senate, announced deep cuts in missile defense research. Four days later came America’s catastrophic wake-up call.

On September 26, the Democrats backed down from their three decade opposition and restored funding to the program. Three months later, President Bush gave Russia sixty days notice and America was finally freed of this politically imposed restriction on self-defense.

Today, after a quarter-century of research, continuously delayed by politics, an effective, comprehensive missile defense system is nearly a reality.

Yet Senator Obama promises that if we elect him he will cut the funding, causing yet another delay to completion of this common sense program, that overwhelming majorities have always told pollsters they support.



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