Obama’s Attorney Reports Nothing

little-senate-seat-auctionGreg Craig, Counsel to the Obama Transition Team issued the report on his internal investigation of Transition Team contacts with Illnois Governor Blagojevech, who is facing several felony charges arising out of his alleged attempt to sell an appointment to Obama’s vacated Senate Seat to the highest bidder.

The report states that Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, had “one or two” phone conversations with the governor, and “about four” conversations with the Governor’s aid, John Harris.  But, the report assures us, there was no talk of exchanging anything of value for the appointment.

So, that’s it.  The media herd will roam in other directions, having been assured that this “investigation” of the transition team, by the transition team, has cleared their hero, The One, President-elect Obama and all his people.

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  1. aaa again on December 25th, 2008

    Golly gee whiz. I guess they didn’t do anything wrong…..cause they said so. I sure am glad we got that cleared up, mommy.

    And mommy, can you tell me why Mr. Emanuael is in Africa where no one can talk to him?

    And mommy, why did they tell us on Christmas eve, eve……..?