ObamaNomics Vs National Defense

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In previous posts we’ve explained how the cost of Barack Obama’s plans to “spread the wealth” and to “invest” in new government spending far exceeds any additional revenue that could ever result from his promised tax increases on high income individuals and small businesses.

If Senator Obama is to come close to keeping these promises he has to make dramatic cuts elsewhere in the federal budget.

In his 30 minute infomercial last night Barack Obama said:

I learned at a early age from my grandparents how vital it is to defend liberty.  As Commander in Chief I will never hesitate to protect our country.  As President I’ll rebuild our military to meet 20th century challenges.

But last week Representative Barney Frank, Chairman of the House Finance Committee, one of the most powerful members of the House of Representatives, and member of Obama’s party, promised to cut the Defense budget by 25%.

In this video, originally placed on YouTube by the Obama campaign back in June, Senator Obama promises to cut Billions from the US military.  He promised:

I will slow our development of future combat systems.


Future Combat Systems (FCS) is the name of a top priority program that is critical to making soldiers more effective and reducing combat injuries and deaths.

FCS is the Army’s promise to provide Soldiers the best equipment and technology available as soon as practical.  FCS technologies and innovations enable our troops to prevail in asymmetric ground warfare against terrorists and insurgents while allowing the Army to build a force that can sustain itself in remote areas. FCS Components include an array of new vehicles, weapons and information gathering systems.

In the same video Senator Obama goes on to promise:

I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems.


Of course, all weapons were at one time “unproven.” The slingshot was “unproven” until someone invested the time and effort to experiment and develop the idea.

Missile defense is simple in concept. If an enemy launches a missile at Washington DC or Los Angeles or Seattle, we should have defensive missiles to fire at it and disable it, so it falls harmlessly into the ocean.

In criticizing missile defense, Senator Obama is chanting one of the far-Left’s standard doctrines since Ronald Reagan first proposed missile defense in 1983.  The Democrats called Reagan’s idea “star wars” in an effort to plant in the minds of voters a perception that this former actor  was indulging in a technologically impossible, Hollywood fantasy.

Whenever possible, over the past two decades, Democrats, in service of their most vocal constituents on the far left, have slowed or interrupted research and development of missile defense. On September 7, 2001 Democrats, who controlled the Senate, announced deep cuts in missile defense research. Four days later came America’s catastrophic wake-up call.

Seventeen days later the Democrats backed down from their three decade opposition and restored funding to the program.


Here is a video of a recent, successful test of missile defense that the media herd seems to have forgotten to report.

Today, after a quarter-century of research, continuously delayed by politics, an effective, comprehensive missile defense system is nearly a reality.

Yet in June Senator Obama promised that if we elect him he will cut the funding, causing yet another delay to final completion and full deployment of this common sense program, that overwhelming majorities have always told pollsters they support.

Apparently, the media are too busy investigating Sarah Palin’s clothing budget and Joe the Plumber’s credit score to bother asking Senator Obama to clarify his stunning contradictions.

Does Barack Obama plan to adopt Barney Frank’s idea and cut Defense by 25% in order to fund his promised expansion of government?

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  1. aaa again on October 30th, 2008

    The last two Democratic Presidents each cut the defense budget, leaving their successors to clean up the mess.

    Jimmy Carter’s cuts – and the dilapidated state of the military he left behind – are legendary. In fact, Reagan’s famous “massive military buildup” really only took Jimmy Carter’s cuts of the military budget from 5.5% of GDP to under 4%, back up to 6.5% Massive??

    Bill Clinton’s supposed “balancing of the budget” was based solely on defense spending cuts. The deficit decline foots perfectly to defense cuts.

    Then after 9/11, reality set in and Bush had to restore some spending.

    Obama is just another in a line of leftists who will gut the defense budget (good luck, our brave fighting men and women) to spend it on stupid socialist programs.