ObamaNomics Misery Graph

If the 2011 rate of job growth continues it will take until May, 2013 for the number of jobs to equal the number in January, 2009, the beginning of the Obama Administration.

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  1. Spectricide on November 26th, 2011

    Your graphs show just what a mess this administration did indeed inherit. What a mess from the bubble burst. It also shows that tis administration did indeed turn the tide of job loss and the economy is recovering.
    The 2nd graph also shows that government spending does spur the economy, growth and recovery. The government can and is a big demand that the private sector uses to generate jobs.

  2. Raul on November 26th, 2011


    If you compare what you call “growth and recovery” with any previous recovery youll see how awful Obama’s policies have been for our economy. Yes he inherited a mess. So did Reagan. So did Bush 43. Both had better growth and trillions less in deficits. The only thing incompetent President cares about is pushing the liberal agenda and helping unions get more power.

    This country is dying and Obama is eager to be the pallbearer

  3. Sarah Livingston on November 26th, 2011

    So a million of extra debt per job proves government spending creates jobs? Are you serious?

    A million in debt for one job doesn’t look very good from where I sit here in the office of my small business. (working on Saturday night doing taxes) I created 2 jobs and my debt is about $12,000.