ObamaCare Vs. the Constitution (1)

A front page article in Friday’s Wall Street Journal reminds us, perhaps unintentionally, that The President and Congress, with the exception of fewer than a dozen members, have decided the Constitution is obsolete, and irrelevant.  The article, titled “Moderate Senators Hold Key to High-Stakes Legislation,” says:

…the balance of power in determining the course of events — and the fate of the Obama agenda — lies with about a dozen centrist senators, a few of them Republicans but most Democrats.

If the Constitution were still recognized by Congress as the supreme law of the land there would be virtually no federal government involvement in medical services or health insurance, except for the military and government employees.  ObamaCare would not even be considered.

If Obama had bothered to read it, he would know the Constitution doesn’t authorize the government to start it’s own health insurance company or attempt to allocate and ration medical services in order to meet an arbitrary national health care spending limit, imposed by politicians and determined by political horse trading in Washington.

The Wall Street Journal article describes a polarized Congress, with virtually zero Republican support for Obama’s agenda.  On paper, Democrats have a bullet proof majority that should make Obama a virtual dictator.  But eight Democrat Senators from more conservative states are not dependable, lock step votes.  They could  derail ObamaCare.  The article concludes:

So the moderates have power — but toward what end? In general, they want to reduce the 10-year, $1 trillion price tag of the House health bill, and they surely don’t like the idea of paying for the whole thing with a surtax on wealthier Americans. “I would hope what the Senate would look at would be more of a mix” of revenue sources, says moderate Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia.

Sadly, these “moderates,” like their hard-line liberal colleagues have no interest in protecting the lives and liberty of Americans from an Unconstitutional  invasion by a government bureaucracy empowered to regulate and ration medical services.  Their concerns are strictly cosmetics.  If ObamaCare becomes law it will, like it’s Medicare predecessor, require continuous funding increases.  Any tax limitations the “moderates” win now will last only until the first, inevitable, “funding crisis.”

Apparently no Congressman or Senator has asked what should be the fundamental questions:

  • What about individual liberty?
  • Is ObamaCare permitted by the Constitution?
  • Is the Constitution still the supreme law of the land?

The “moderates” are more interested in milking their temporary political clout.  They strategy will be  to  exchange tie-breaking votes for cosmetic changes in the legislation, PLUS political favors or money from this President who has demonstrated himself willing to ruthlessly disregard Constitutional limits on his own power to get what he wants.  Because their strategy will produce no benefit for themselves if ObamaCare goes down in flames, they must in the end vote to pass it.

Thus, The People are not protected from the threat of ObamaCare by patriotic Senators’ who took an oath to defend The Constitution.  The only possible protection provided by Senators is a potential breakdown in Democrat Party discipline  due to political miscalculation or incompetence on the part of either the “moderates” or party leaders.

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