ObamaCare Incompetence

ObamaCare health insurancePresident Obama and ObamaCare fans in Congress have been blanketing the media with claims that they can raise money to pay for a vast new federal health care program by eliminating waste and fraud in Medicare.

Congressman John Yarmuth (D – KN) appeared on Fox News to answer questions about how Obama-Care would be funded:

By demonstrating a significant number of cuts in Medicare spending, we believe there is waste and fraud there we can cut.

The obvious questions are:

  1. If the Democrats really believe there has been waste and fraud in Medicare, why haven’t they done something about it?
  2. Why do we The People have to tolerate waste and fraud in tax supported programs until Democrats want money to pay for something else?
  3. How do we know ObamaCare won’t be subject to waste and fraud?

Now, consider this excerpt from the fine print in the House version of ObamaCare:


Provisions of law (other than criminal law provisions) identified by the Secretary by regulation, in consultation with the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services, that impose sanctions with respect to waste, fraud, and abuse under Medicare, such as the False Claims Act (31 U.S.C. 3729 et seq.), shall also apply to the public health insurance option.

The “public health insurance option” is a new health insurance company to be owned and operated by the federal government, supposedly to “keep private insurers honest” through competition.  According to this language, the same  procedures, that Obama claims are ineffective in preventing waste and fraud in Medicare are to be adopted by the new federal health insurance company!

One is tempted to conclude that the biggest fraud of all is the ObamaCare Legislation, to be voted on soon by House Members, most of whom will not have read itFr

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