Obama to Campaign for Coakley

coakley-jumpstartThe White House announced Friday that President Obama will make campaign appearances in Massachusetts on Sunday in an effort to boost the flagging candidacy of Martha Coakley for U.S. Senate.  Tuesday’s special election is to fill the vacancy left by the death of Senator Ted Kennedy.

Republican candidate Scott Brown, who has promised to vote against the Democrats’ massive health care legislation is tied with Coakley in media polls.

The fact that this election is at all competitive in a state where registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans 3 to 1 has shocked the political-media establishment.

Ironically Virginia’s new governor, Republican Bob McDonnell, was sworn in Saturday morning.  McDonnell’s candidacy, in a blue state, was also dismissed by the establishment as an impossibility in an era of Democrat dominance, led by a charismatic young President.  At the last minute President Obama made five campaign appearances for McDonnell’s Democratic opponent, only to see him lose by near landslide proportions.

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