Obama Star-Rocket Running Out of Gas

After less than three months in office, blind, faithful Obama-adoraton is just beginning to dissipate.

Yesterday, a special election was held in Upstate New York to fill a vacancy in the House of Representatives left by Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand when she was appointed by the Governor to replace Senator Hillary Clinton, who left the Senate to become Secretary of State.

Ms. Gillibrand won relection to this seat last November by 62-38 percent.  Barack Obama won this district over John McCain by 51-48 percent.

Yesterday’s vote was a virtual tie, with the Democrat candidate ahead by a mere 25 votes.  The final outcome won’t be known for several days, after absentee and military ballots are counted.

During the campaign the Republican candidate hurt himself by waffling on the $800 Billion “stimulus” passed by Congress on February 13, even though polls show this measure to be very unpopular.  Had he stood unambiguously against the stimulus he would probably have won by a margin greater than the number of absentee ballots.

While both parties hope to claim this seat, the virtual tie demonstrates the larger point that  support for Barack Obama and the Democrats has already begun to erode, just 72 days into the new Democratic Party monopoly in Washington.

Obama’s media fan club tells us he is fantastically popular and his sweeping agenda of taxing energy, government takeover of private businesses, and massive borrowing and spending will roll over any opposition in Congress like a tank over a bed of pansies.   But yesterday’s election demonstrates that Americans are finally beginning to become aware of multiple threats to liberty and prosperity in the Obama-Democrat-Union agenda.

Even if the Democrat is the ultimate winner of this squeaker it serves as an early warning to Democrats who represent districts and states that don’t have huge Democrat party voting majorities, that this nation may not be quite ready to give up even more liberty and prosperity and grant even more power to the Washington Bureaucracy.

The “Obamagenda” may be in trouble.  Let’s hope so.

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