Obama Openly Contemptuous of The People

Imagine a TV Sitcom family. They’re not poor.  Dad makes $600,000 per year, or $50,000 per month.  But incredibly, they can’t live on that budget and they’ve been borrowing and spending an additional $22,000 every month for years, driving their debt up to $2 million in installment loans and credit cards.

  • Two months ago Dad decided their best financial move would be to quickly borrow and spend an extra $131,000 on a lot more of the same stuff the family buys every month.
  • One month ago Dad decided that even though he expects his income to go down, the family should plan on spending about 30% more next year than it spent last year.

Then Dad calls the family into his study and announces, triumphantly, that he has figured out that by unscrewing the light bulb in the refrigerator they will save $2.22 – a year.  He waits for Mom and the kids to cheer, but they just stare, dumbfounded.

This sitcom story is no more absurd than President Obama calling the TV cameras into the white house cabinet room today, to  announce that he has ordered the cabinet to cut $100 million in expenses.  (Two minute video below.)

  • One hundred million is the same fraction of total spending in Obama’s budget plan as $2.22 is of the wealthy sitcom family’s annual spending.
  • The $800 billion, so-called stimulus, passed eight weeks ago is the same fraction of Obama’s spending plan as $131,000 is of the sitcom family’s spending.  And almost all the spending goes to old, existing federal programs, most of which are ineffective and Unconstitutional.

Scorn and derision erupted across the Internet within minutes of this morning’s Presidential spectacle, shifting the White House crew into damage control mode with defenses like:

Only inside the Washington beltway do people think $100 Million isn’t real money.


These savings are only the beginning.  We’re going to cut the deficit in half in four years.

Yep, $100 million dollars is serious money to even the wealthiest Americans.  But the Thirteen Trillion spent, loaned or otherwise committed to bank and corporate bailouts is thousands of times more serious!  And, half of this year’s deficit would still be about equal to the last four Bush deficits combined.  Of course, Obama’s own spending plans render that promise absurd.

The Bottom Line

Clearly, the president hoped to plant in the mind of the public the notion that he is engaged in spending cuts.  Perhaps the President believes he can get away with treating The People like idiots because all these numbers are just too huge for us to comprehend.

Whatever he believes, today’s preposterous announcement proves that Barack Obama has become breathtakingly contemptuous of The People.  His entire communication strategy is to deceive those who don’t have the time or inclination to study and analyze and keep track of the numbers and the daily announcements.  Apparently his hope is that those who do figure out what he’s up to will add up to a minority of voters.

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