Obama Downgraded In Opinion Poll Reversal

President Obama and his media supporters called the debt-ceiling controversy “broken politics.”   But through the intense debate The People became better informed and aware of the sudden increase in debt caused by Obama’s spending surge.

The chart tracks polling results as the White House contrived at least 21 media events over 72 days to influence public perception of Obama’s debt ceiling position:

  • June 3: Obama’s speech at an Ohio auto plant defends the government’s “investments” in Chrysler and GM and urges quick debt ceiling increase.
  • June 11: Golf with Speaker Boehner to show us he was ready to “work together.”
  • June 13: Vice President Biden’s speech, “Making Government More Accountable.”
  • June 14: Obama announces yet another program to “eliminate waste.”
  • June 29: Presidential press conference
  • July 2: President’s Weekly Address devoted to the debt ceiling
  • July 5: Televised address to the nation
  • July 6: Twitter Town Hall
  • July 7: Presidential press conference
  • July 9: President’s Weekly Address devoted to the debt ceiling
  • July 11: Presidential press conference
  • July 12: Obama warns that Social Security checks might not be sent out.
  • July 14: Democratic mayors meet at the White House to urge debt ceiling increase.
  • July 15: Presidential press Conference
  • July 16: President’s Weekly address devoted to the debt ceiling
  • July 19: Presidential press conference
  • July 25: Prime time address to the nation including false threats of default on government bonds
  • July 28: Speech at the White House
  • July 31: Speech at the White House
  • August 2: Rose Garden speech
  • August 8: White House speech regarding the downgrade

In all these speeches and events Obama never put forward any specific spending cut proposals.  He called for “balance” – tax increases – but didn’t propose specific tax hikes.  Instead, he spoke in generalities with emotionally charged references to millionaires, billionaires and corporate jets, hoping to deceive those who were not fully informed.

The polling results would seem to indicate that The People became informed and rejected Obama’s vacuous talking points.

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  1. Drew on August 16th, 2011

    Not to worry. Obammy is now on a “listening tour.”

    By my calculations everyone who faints at one of his speaking sites creates .4 jobs. Given his track record, that ain’t bad.