Obama, Ayers, Annenberg Challenge – Update 3

This is the third update in our series of reports on our and others’  on-going investigation of The Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a grant program headed by Barack Obama, and Sixties Terrorist William Ayers, purportedly to improve Chicago schools.

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On Thursday Evening, Dr. Stanley Kurtz, who has been carefully studying thousands of documents from the archives of the Annenberg Challenge, appeared on Chicago’s WGN radio for an interview with host Milt Rosenberg.  You can hear a podcast of the two hour program here.

In our first Annenberg post we included this excerpt from one of several reports on The Annenberg Challenge that are available at the University of Illinois at Chicago website :

Its primary strategy was to create networks of schools with common interests and needs and to link them to individuals and organizations that would serve as External Partners. This strategy followed a logic that schools would find more direction and support for improvement if they worked together and with an External Partner than if they worked alone.

Dr. Kurtz’s said his preliminary examination of Annenberg Challenge records indicates that the External Partner selection process, the function headed by Barack Obama,  seemed to favor organizations that were politically active with a leftist agenda or focus on ethnic identity over organziations that emphasized improved academic performance.

For example, a group called “South Shore African Village Collaborative” received a grant to teach students about celebrating “Juneteenth” slang for June 19, a holiday commemorating the abolition of slavery in Texas. In the words of the grant application, “Negroes celebrate Juneteenth instead of 4th of July,” as their national independence day.

Dr. Kurtz said William Ayers’ own organization, “Small Schools Network” received a grant for a so-called “Peace School.”

In contrast, a grant application from a group called The Chicago Algebra Project was denied.

Dr. Kurtz research is just beginning and he was hesitant to present any sweeping conclusions.  We can expect to hear more from him later, hopefully before voters decide which candidate to support for President.

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  1. aaa again on August 31st, 2008

    Can there be any doubt that this is the source of all the invective and hyperbolic response from the Obama camp?

    They have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Obama’s true political essence revealed. A “new politician?” No. A “uniter?” No.

    Just a garden variety Chicago machine thug who passes out the vig to special interest race based or ideology based groups…………….in return for political support and votes? Yes. And the results of his program? Zero.

    Obama is change? Not a chance. Obama is everything that is wrong with politics: impossibly flowery and cynical promises of government lead hope, with no basis in reality. Only the media waterboy hype is change.

    As the great band the Who noted so many years ago, “MEET THE NEW BOSS, SAME AS THE OLD BOSS”………and I can only hope in regard to all the easily influenced masses…..and hope…….”YOU DON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN!!!!”