New York Times is First to Divorce McCain

On February 2, after the New York Times endorsed John McCain, we predicted that the media would turn against him as soon as his nomination was assured. Today, right on cue, The Times features a hit piece on its front page. Ditto, the Washington Post.

The Times article begins with a smug allegation that during the 2000 Presidential campaign Senator McCain was seen in the company of a female lobbyist so often that his advisors were “convinced the relationship had become romantic” and felt compelled to intervene and send her away. McCain has flatly denied any “romantic” relationship and the Times has no evidence other than the suspicions of unnamed sources.

Most of the rest of the long, rambling article is hazy innuendo around the Senator’s relationships with lobbyists and their clients. The reporters obviously think they’re cleverly hurling mud onto McCain with his own shovel, since he has so often professed disgust with lobbyists and money in politics.

After decades of sanctimonious criticism of lobbying and political fund-raising, Senator McCain is vulnerable to easy attack as a hypocrite for ever having accepted any advice from lobbyists or campaign contributions from any special interest. We can expect the media and the Democrats to hector us about “money in politics” from now until the day after the election when the crisis will suddenly disappear.

More on lobbyists in our next post.

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