Negligent Senators & Congressmen Passed Stimulus

Commentators have denounced House Members and Senators for voting in favor of a thousand page “stimulus” bill  that nobody could possibly have read in the few hours that copies were available, Friday morning before the votes.  These commentators actually understate the challenge to anyone who really wants to know what’s in this bill.  Here is a sample, one example of hundreds of similar passages:

To figure out what this means the one would have to

  • read section 5302 of title 49, US Code to learn what kinds of grants are authorized, and
  • Read section 5307 of Title 49, US Code to learn what types of grants 80% of the money is to be spent on, and
  • Read subsections i, l,  and j to see what kinds of grants are prohibited, and
  • Read section 5340 to learn how 10% of the funds are to be spent, and
  • Read section 5311 to learn how the last 10% of funds are to be spent.

To be careful and thorough a Senator or Congressman should look into the history of each of these grant programs and determine if they have been efficient and cost effective in the past.

Conscientious due diligence on just this portion of one paragraph could take a Senator or Congressman and his staff two or three days to complete.   And this is about 1/3 of one page, out of a thousand page bill, with thousands of references to other laws and programs.  Nobody in the Administration or Congress had the time to study all the government departments and agencies and programs that are to receive extra funds to see if determine if they had been good stewards of the funds they had already received.

The best word to characterize voting for this gargantuan spending bill without making any effort to understand what’s in it:  Negligence.

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  1. Sarah Livingston on February 15th, 2009

    Obama’s plan. No one knows what spending is in the bill so Obama can direct the spending to anything he wants. The Democrats will collect BILLIONS, with a capital B, in campaign donations. ACORN will have Billions to buy votes with.