More from Obama on Whats the Matter With US

A couple of lines jump out from Obama’s apologia, that was posted on YouTube by the Obama Campaign:

“…they take refuge in their faith and their community and their families and things they can count on.”

And why do these small town bumpkins foolishly seek such refuge? Because…

“…they don’t believe they can count on Washington.”

Apparently, Senator Obama thinks their faith in God, and loyalty to family and community are an undesirable, desperate alternatives to what he asks of them, faith in him, and loyalty to his vision of utopia, brought to them by a lot more government power, scope, authority over their lives, and of course, cost.

These words display a cynical contempt for the values and beliefs that were the original inspiration for the American Experiment.

Obama seems to be a disciple of reporter and author Thomas Frank who wrote “What’s the Matter With Kansas,” a very popular book among the elite left.

Frank takes 306 pages to explain why “ordinary” people vote against the Democrats who could improve the world so much with a more powerful, more authoritarian, more expansive federal government. Instead, according to Frank, these hicks are duped by Republicans to vote against their own economic interests.

The preface recounts an improbable tale of an unnamed teacher union member who lived in an unidentified “middling sized, super average, Midwestern town.” According to Frank, this teacher had been a lifelong, big-government Democrat who, like many in his town, “converted” to Conservative voting, because Republicans conned him with the notion that “the sanctity of the fetus outweighed all his other concerns.” As a result of failing to elect Democrats to federal office, this unidentified town has declined economically from prosperous, tidy, and largely unionized to a place that “looks like a miniature Detroit.”

Apparently Mr. Frank forgot that Liberal, union Democrats presided exclusively over every day of Detroit’s sickening decline from one of the most prosperous, lively cities in the nation to a corrupt, crime-ridden, urban wasteland, with only half the population it had in the fifties.

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  1. aaa again on April 16th, 2008

    “…they don’t believe they can count on Washington.” Really?!

    1. The govt run schools are a mess. It used to be “why can’t Johnny read?” Now its, “will Johnny get shot today?”

    2. The infrastructure is a crumbling wasteland forcing private interests to come to the rescue.

    3. The tax code book requires a semi-trailor to pull.

    4. The “War on Poverty” is still being unsuccessfully fought more than 40 years and countless dollars later. Not to mention the permanant underclass it has created.

    5. Jack Murtha tries and slimes our soldiers in the press.

    6. Businesses are fleeing – taking the jobs with them – because of the tax and regulatory burdoned mess created by Washington.

    7. The social security pension system is in constant neeed of repair – read: tax increases – and Medicare isn’t far behind.

    8. Political “debate” looks more like a food fight on some mindless reality show.

    Other than that, Senator Obama, everything coming out of Washington is just incredibly reassuring. You’re right, I just don’t get that self reliance, religious thingy.