Media Picks Caroline Kennedy For Senate

As they revel in their successful marketing of Barack Obama for President, in spite of his stunning lack of accomplishment in any field of endeavor, the media herd now feels more than confident enough to pick a new US Senator for New York.

One might assume that Albert Hunt, after decades as a political columnist and TV talking head, would be an intimidating combination of wisdom and intellectual prowess.  But in today’s column Hunt continues earn his reputation for shallow, simplistic, mostly emotional commentary.

It seems that the daughter of President John F. Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, wants to be appointed by the Governor of New York, to take over the US Senate seat that Hillary Clinton will vacate when/if she is confirmed by the Senate to be the new Secretary of State.

After hiring a public relations firm to help her influence Governor Paterson, Ms Kennedy has suspended use of her married name, Schlossberg.

Ms. Kennedy has been criticized for expecting a free ride on her family name since she has no relevant experience or record of accomplishment that would qualify her to serve in the Senate.  Hunt undertook to explain why she should be appointed anyway.  Among his reasons:

  • She possesses a collegial charm that would serve her well in the Senate.

Fine, she’ll be fun at Georgetown cocktail parties.  Has she read and does she fully comprehend the US Constitution?

  • None of the other unqualified candidates the media herd speculates are being considered by the Governor are as “compelling.”

Do any of them understand the Constitution?

  • There are several sitting senators who traded on family names to get elected.

Yep, and almost none exhibit Constitutional competence, as they continuously promote and vote for laws and intervention into the private economy not authorized by the Constitution.  Hunt declares:

Hillary Clinton’s political success in the state derived from the huge amount of attention she paid to [the neglected, rural, Upstate] area. Can Kennedy quickly learn that the Buffalo Bills are not a barbershop quartet and empathize with heartbreaking stories in Elmira?

Maybe Ms. Kennedy can deceive uninformed voters as well as Hillary.  But what about the economic crisis?  Since the new President and Congress are determined to continue the Bush policy Unconstitutional intervention in the private economy, does she at least understand economics well enough to be able to predict the negative consequences? Apparently not.

Hunt goes on to assure us that she can “conquer the challenges” of a “rough and tumble world’ where a Staten Island party…

…was attended by men with oiled pompadours, women with teased updos and floor-length furs, retirees and grizzled members of a Vietnam veterans’ motorcycle club.

What, you ask, is this rambling claptrap?  I kid you not, this was part of the August Albert Hunt’s defense of Caroline Kennedy as the best New Yorker to serve in the US Senate.  And Hunt actually gets paid to write this twaddle!

Hunt adds that…

She has all the qualities — intellectual curiosity; a friendly, at times pointed, sense of humor, and a deferential manner (she hails her own cabs) — that are the stuff of a good legislator.

WOW!  She hails her own cabs!  Well, what else do we need to know about her?  Where do we sign up for her fan club?

America is a nation in crisis, largely because we’ve elected very wrong people to high political office, people who traded in celebrity status and/or family wealth but lacked any record of real achievement, and certainly did not understand the Constituiton they were sworn to uphold.  Commentators like Al Hunt have been part of the problem all along.

We who believe in the principles of liberty, free markets, and personal responsibility must convince fellow Americans that the time has come to toss the political-media establishment’s failed ideas in history’s ash can and elect leaders who will limit the power of government to those functions authorized by the United States Constitution.   We can not survive as a nation if we continue to elect incompetent politicians with no relevant experience or qualifications.

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  1. clyde on December 22nd, 2008

    Ms. Kennedy would make an excellent Senator. New York would be lucky to have her

  2. aaa again on December 25th, 2008

    Sure, why not. After all, Minnesota now has a B grade comic…….

    And look at the bright side, if the NY Governor starts auctioning off the seat like they do in IL the Kennedy’s are nice deep pockets!