Liberty, Not Town Halls, Creates Jobs

The reverberations from the election of Senator Scott Brown continue.

Yesterday Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted she did not have enough votes to pass the Senate version of ObamaCare.  While some die-hards in Congress continue to insist they will enact ObamaCare soon, the political momentum has turned against it, and it is probably dead.

In fact, it appears that President Obama’s agenda has changed, virtually overnight.  He is now focused on political survival for himself and the Democrats.  He hopes to avoid being the designated scapegoat of the inevitable recriminations by “pivoting” the focus of his permanent campaign from health care to jobs.  His big event for today was yet another speech and and yet another town hall in Ohio, billed in advance as being “about jobs and the economy.”

Why Ohio?  Obama won Ohio’s electoral votes in 2008 and it’s probably impossible for him to win re-election to a second term without Ohio.  On election day, 2008 Ohioans were anxious about the local economy because unemployment in that state had risen to 7.1% from 5.7% a year earlier, and they believed Obama’s promised “change” would turn that around.  But today, unemployment in Ohio stands at a whopping 10.9% – not the “change” Ohio voters had hoped for.  Obama will try to reposition himself in the mind of the voter,  from health care socialist to job creating technocrat.

He did defend his health care initiative and promised not to let “the special interests” kill it.  He blamed everyone and everything except the bad ideas in the legislation for it’s imminent failure. He promised to

…keep on fighting for real health insurance reform.

Unfortunately for the President, Democrats in Congress are giving up the fight.  Even Nancy Pelosi, the most driven proponent of the government take-over acknowledged lack of enough votes.

We have to give Obama credit for maximum chutzpah, as he claimed his so-called “recovery act” (formerly called the stimulus) was a success that somehow turned the economy around.

Ohioans in the audience should remember the extravagant promises the President made in hyping his recovery act, $787 Billion of borrowing and spending, rammed through Congress on day 24 of his Presidency.

Obama’s own words were:

I have moved quickly to work with my economic team and leaders of both parties on an American Recovery Act that will immediately jumpstart job creation and long term growth.

Regardless of his claims, the recovery act is a tragic failure.


The Bottom Line

Government can help create more jobs by shrinking.  It can reduce taxes and the horrendously complex network of regulations that hobbles employers.  Obama and the Democrats can stop threatening higher taxes, cap and trade, forced unionization, and new health care mandates Greater liberty, not greater government power over the private sector will result in more jobs and greater prosperity

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