John McCain Picks Governor Sarah Palin for Vice President

The afterglow of Barack Obama’s Woodstock-lite convention event abruptly dissolved this morning as John McCain swept the Democrats off the media radar by announcing a surprise choice for his Vice Presidential Running Mate: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Obama, the self-proclaimed Prophet-of-Change and Messiah of “new politics,” had picked a conventional, rabid partisan, Senator Biden, a tediously over-exposed Washington fixture, with a history of embarrassing missteps.

Today, John McCain, steped out of his media assigned role of the old candidate of old politics by picking a bright, articulate, energetic woman with executive experience as a Governor.

Governor Palin is the mother of five.  Her fifth child was born just four months ago.  Her oldest son serves in the US Army.

This pick will immediately refocus media attention on the issue of opening the coastal plain at the Northern edge of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) for new oil drilling.  Liberty Works explored this question in ANWR, The Inconvenient Truth.

Governor Pallin is a vocal, aggressive proponent of drilling in ANWR, while Senator McCain has taken the opposing side of the pseudo-environmentalist propagandists. McCain even compared ANWR, a bleak, frozen tundra, to the Grand Canyon.  Hopefully, Senator McCain will find a graceful exit from his stubborn, baseless opposition to drilling.

Predictably, the Obama campaign instantly issued a petty attack, calling  Governor Palin a Mayor with no experience, who doesn’t represent “change.”  While her experience is less than most of the people who were on McCain’s list of potential running mates, she certainly has more relevant experience than Barack Obama, who’s only executive exerience was running the corrupt, failed Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

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