“Is This My New Reality?”

In the video below President Obama faces an emotional plea from a supporter who says she has become exhausted from defending the the President and his administration.  She describes her suffering in the recession, suffering she thought he promised to prevent, and asks “Is this my new reality?”

In the prologue to his second book Barack Obama wrote what would become the conceptual foundation of his Presidential campaign:

…I am new enough on the national political scene that I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.

Candidate Obama went on to exploit this blank screen concept for maximum political gain.   He built a cult of personality around himself, with huge audience events where he delivered soaring but largely meaningless rhetoric about “hope and change.”  He encouraged supporters to project their own visions of desirable change onto his blank screen by telling the cheering throngs that the campaign was about them, not him, and by talking about “change from the bottom up.”

People whose ideas of change were vague, emotional, impossible to implement, Unconstitutional, and different from the ideas of the people standing next to them, believed they were among millions of like-minded disciples.  They all expected to see their visions come to life in the Obama Administration.

But now, many are disappointed.  Most voters do not see the vision they projected on the blank screen during the campaign.  Some expected a lot of free stuff, many expected a quick return to full employment and prosperity.

In the 23 months since that phantasmagorical election night spectacle in Chicago’s Grant Park a ruthless agenda filled the blank screen.   The White House crew openly boasted of exploiting the financial crisis government caused to dramatically increase the size and intensify the power of  government.

Young voters were told they should help elect Obama because their age group was most likely to be without health insurance.  Few of them knew their lack of coverage would be solved by simply requiring them to purchase a government-approved health plan – a requirement to be enforced by the IRS.

It should be no surprise that a President with no experience in, or respect for private enterprise has not been able to fulfill his promise of millions of new jobs.  Those who projected on that screen a more secure financial future are perhaps the most disappointed.

The pollsters and the “experts” tell us to expect a “wave election” with dozens of Democrats swept from office.  Let us hope they are right and let us hope as well that the newly empowered Republicans have the spine to undo the damage of the first two years of ObamaNomics.

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  1. Bart Lew on September 22nd, 2010

    Obama has nothing. Reid has nothing. Pelosi had nothing. The Democrats are stripped naked.

    All they can do is attack the tea party people. Tonight on America Left on Satellite radio the host said flatly that the only thing the tea party was about was race bigotry. That’s all he kept saying over and over, nothing but racism.