How to Engage Baltimore’s Youth for Good

Special guest post from my captivating wife, and proprietor of Cheri Douglas

I have been involved in youth ministry much of my adult life and I know they can be engaged to give their lives for GOOD and for GOD.


These are  TEENS in prayer! They respond powerfully to the Love of Jesus & the Holy Spirit!

If we Christians are to be relevant today, we must be talking about Baltimore and the YOUTH REBELLION taking place there! I have listened nonstop to press conferences about all the police being called out to put down the riots they expect again tonight.  Not ONE public official is considering an approach that might change that dynamic.

I have a vision for a YOUTH Fair of Christian Worship Teams covering the streets of Baltimore to minister to the young people. I devoted my morning to on #GodsLoveChats to that ministry approach. I have seen lives transformed miraculously when inspired by the Word of God. That was where Dr. Martin Luther King derived his power! But somehow, today, his message seems so yesterday to so many.

But God’s Word is not yesterday, it is relevant for Baltimore and anywhere else today. No I am not stupid enough to think that prayer alone will transform a community in chaos. But that community needs to come together, talk together, plan together,  forgive one another together, and heal together. This is the only way they will involve everyone, even the youth, in planning for tomorrow. That is how God’s Word will get a community doing loving things together for each other.

The only bright spot Monday night was when a group of spiritual leaders marched the streets of Baltimore singing gospel songs. Unfortunately, led by politicians, they seemed to be there more for the cameras than for solving problems. Things visibly calmed down as these leaders did their half hour march. But everything erupted as they left!

Christians dedicated to being disciples of Christ, need to go into these angry streets and stay there to minister to the people and love them into better versions of themselves.

Just when I was losing hope for Baltimore, a bright light came shining through. Over a thousand citizens stepped up and began cleaning up the mess and helping devastated business owners. Then came my new HERO, Pastor Donte Hickman.  He is pastor of  His church was building a senior citizen housing center, but it was torched by the rioters and burned to the ground Monday night.

Admitting that he was disheartened Monday night.  But on Tuesday he said he faces the new day with new resolve to help Baltimore transform. HALLELUJAH! He also said he had called the leaders of his church to meet him and go to the streets to minister…”out of the view of the cameras’. YAY!!! May God bless this strong Christian leader and send more to support him!

Baltimore’s problems are spiritual problems that take spiritual solutions.  The people must work together to identify and solve the pressing problems of poverty, joblessness, education barriers, and racial tensions. If church leaders  come out of their buildings to the real church, God’s people, and lead them, cities and countries will be transformed.

If my people will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, I will forgive their sins, and I will heal their land. 2Chronicles14:7

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