How Much Will ObamaNomics Cost?

How much is $819 Billion?

How much is the Stimulus?  Obama Stimulus: How much will it cost?

The House of Representatives has passed President Obama’s so-called “Stimulus Package.”  The price tag is $819 Billion.  According to the Wall Street Journal and other sources,  Senate version is likely to be than $900 billion.

Since it’s difficult for most of us to comprehend such huge numbers Liberty Works did some comparisons.


  • $819 Billion is 24% more than the entire six year cost of the Iraq operation, from the invasion in 2003, through July of this year, including military expenses, reconstruction and other aid to Iraq, and care for wounded and disabled soldiers.
  • $819 Billion is 61% more than all the Social Security benefits paid to retirees during 2008.
  • $819 Billion is 45% more than all the payroll tax revenue, including both employer and employee share, collected by the Social Security Administration during calendar year 2008.
  • $819 Billion is more than three times as much as all the corporate income tax revenue collected by the IRS in calendar year 2008.
  • $819 Billion is equal to 83% of projected personal income tax revenue for fiscal 2009.
  • $819 Billion is only 5% less than the total cost of the Global War on Terror, beginning September 12, 2001 through July of this year, including Iraq, Afghanistan, smaller operations around the world, and  homeland security.

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