Holocaust Remembrance

We respectfully observe Holocaust Remembrance with this video by Pastor Todd Vaters.

For nearly two decades Todd Vaters has been sharing his musical gifts with the world. From the jungles of West Africa to the churches of North America he has led worship as a solo artist and as part of various teams.

Growing up in Newfoundland, Canada, Todd’s love for music and commitment to Christ were evident at an early age. During his teens he began singing harmony with his two sisters in their small town church. He hasn’t stopped ministering in song since. In addition to ministry abroad he has served the local church as a staff Worship Pastor and an itinerant Worship Leader. As a songwriter Todd articulates a passion for God’s glory in a simple, yet powerful blend of contemporary music and fresh lyrics.

Todd is also a gifted visual artist using his artwork to communicate the timeless truth of the Gospel. When combined with his anointed music, the result is a compelling blend of creativity that has touched thousands around the world.

Todd lives in the Nashville, TN area with his wife Kelly and their three children. He leads worship at Cornerstone Church in Spring Hill, TN.

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