Hillary Tells Her Donors Your Religious Beliefs “will have to change”

Hillary Clinton’s closing theme, repeated at every campaign event is about “unity.”  Like Barack Obama before her, she promises that somehow she will “bring us together” so we’ll all agree with those progressive schemes to expand the power, reach and cost of government.

President Obama had some success in tightening the progressive vice on America: Stepped up immigration, a breathtaking expansion in Federal regulatory power, and of course Obamacare.  But his successes provoked resistance, anger and rebellion at the ballot box.  Democrats lost 69 House seats and 13 Senate seats in three elections since his Presidency began. 

The Progressive movement reacted as it always does, not by trying to sell for its positions in the marketplace of ideas.  Instead Progressives seek to silence opposition, to delegitimize resistance to growing government power. They’ve had some success, notably on college campuses and in the establishment media.  But there is still stubborn resistance. 

In this video presents her final solution to political opposition. She seems to be calling for government to forcibly change your beliefs if you dare to disagree.

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