Heroic Marines The Media Herd Didn’t Notice

logo-video-red-tv.jpgThis is a three minute video report about United States Marines who are embedded with Afghanistan Army units to provide assistance, training and advice.

Every day these amazing young men win local hearts and minds, one at a time. The Marines are respected and admired by the Afghan soldiers.

These young Marines will turn more Afghans into lifelong friends of the American People than all the politicians and diplomats who jet to five star hotels in Europe and Asia, for summits and conferences with other politicians and diplomats. Yet we hear nothing from the media or the Presidential candidates about these inspiring American heroes.

The people whose work is the most important to the future of America are the people whose work is least noticed.  While Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors, and Guardsmen in Afghanistan and Iraq are building perceptions of America that will last for generations, the media herd endlessly report on trifling political skirmishes in Washington that will be forgotten in a few days.


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