Happy Anniversary Stimulus

At the White House they’re celebrating the Second Anniversary of the enactment of the Obama Stimulus of 2009.

Remember the arrogance and contempt toward those of us who knew the stimulus would fail to create jobs while running up catastrophic debt?   Scroll down to see a 20 second video segment of the President’s sneering victory speech at a meeting of euphoric Democrats a few days after he they enacted it without a single GOP vote.

The stimulus, or “recovery act” was the massive, $864 billion spending package the President promised would, in his words, “immediately jumpstart job creation.”

Enactment of the stimulus came at the end of several weeks of hype by politicians and the establishment media claiming there were thousands of “shovel-ready” projects that would immediately employ millions.   Last October President Obama told the New York Times that he realized too late “there’s no such thing as a shovel-ready project.”

[youtube 0sfJ-uHhdUw]

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