Garofolo Speaks for Obama: Tea Parties are Racism

A Hat tip to our contributing writer aaa.again, for calling our attention to this interview of actress and leftist gasbag Jenine Garofolo, by Keith Olberman, of CNBC.  They talked for 4 minutes and managed to avoid mentioning a single fact or verifiable statistic.  They made no effort to defend the actions tea party protesters are against, the breathtakingly rapid growth in the scope, cost and power of the central government.

Instead, Ms. Garofolo’s point seems to be that we “right wingers” are ignorant.  But the readers of this and similar “right wing” sites are people who are interested in facts and data, not meaningless, fact-free blather.  Ms. Garofolo’s vapid musings include:

[The Tea parties are] not about bashing democrats, its not about taxes – they have no idea what the Boston Tea Party was about.  They don’t know their history.  This is about hating a black man in the white house.  This is racism, straight up…The Conservative movement has crystallized into the white power movement.

So there you have it.  If you went to a tea party, or if you agree that the government is suddenly growing too large and too powerful, and borrowing too much, then you are just a racist.

“The limbic brain is much larger in their head space than in a reasonable person, and its pushing against the frontal lobe…it is a neurological problem.”

And Ms. Garofolo’s credentials as a brain diagnostician are?

“It’s pathological or elevated to a philosophy or life style…these guys hate that a black guy is in the White House.”

How can it be both pathological and a philosophy?

“Only tens of people showed up”

As the pictures on this page show, thousands showed up in Sacramento.  The police estimated 5,000 – on tax deadline day, during the work week.  Pictures here show thousands in Lansing Michigan. If Ms. Garofolo were to spend a few minutes looking she could find similar reports with pictures from all over the nation.

The Right Wing has no shortages of the natural resources of ignorance apathy hate, fear.

She didn’t explain how one could one be apathetic and at the same time hateful and fearful.

Olberman asked, “What happens if someone who was at one of these tea parties hurt somebody?”  Ms. Garofolo answered:

That is an unfortunate bi-product since the dawn of time of a volitle group like this, of the limbic brain, violence, unfortunately may or may not ensue.

“May or may not?”  the same could be said for any gathering of people for any purpose!

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  1. Chuck on April 20th, 2009

    I usually don’t watch Fox disinformation news but I did see that Murdoch shill, Cuvuto and his Fox orchestrated teabagger party. What a joke. All white, redneck mob with a bunch of nonsense signs protesting the African American President.

    These idiots don’t know anything. Garofolo is right! Maybe her brain theory is a little out there, but otherwise she is spot on.

    They should keep their teabagging private! LOL