First 100 Days: Hold Obama Accountable for Results

The President spent his first three weeks in office warning of imminent “catastrophe” in the form of  job losses if Congress didn’t act instantly to pass his massive “stimulus package” of additional funding for old, existing, ineffective federal programs.  Eventually the name of the stimulus was changed to the “recovery act.”

Yesterday, President Obama called a press conference to brag about his administration’s first 100 days.  One of his claims, phrased to plant the perception that immediate results have been achieved, was:

We began by passing a recovery act that has already saved or created over 150,000 jobs…

The chart shows Unemployment insurance claims, each representing a job lost.  Since the stimulus/recovery act passed, almost 6.5 million jobs have been lost.

Weekly Unemployment Insurance Claims
Weekly Unemployment Insurance Claims

Because the President insisted the stimulus/recovery act would stop job losses immediately, Congress abdicated it’s duty, as required by The Constitution, to diligently review and consider each line item.  They voted and passed it within hours on February 13, in a contrived atmosphere of crisis and hysterical urgency.

No Senator or Congressman who voted in favor of the bill had read it.  The only copy had hand written corrections, cross-outs and margin notes. We recently learned that government authorization to pay the AIG bonuses was buried in this bill.

As the chart shows, actual results do not come close to matching President Obama’s promise that urgent, irresponsible action by Congress would immediately halt job losses.  Indeed, weekly unemployment insurance claims are higher than they were in January and early February, before the stimulus passed.

The People must demand that Congress reject President Obama’s continuous demands for huge, sweeping, and Unconstitutional expansions of government power, cost and scope.  Results do not match promises.

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