Entrepreneurs: America’s Most Endangered Species

President Obama and the Democrats, who claim creating jobs is their highest priority, should consider the data in this chart, from the August jobs report.

For decades federal and state governments have continuously added to the costs and bureaucratic complexity that drag on the entrepreneur.  In its first two years the Obama Administration has initiated an tsunami of new regulations and interventions, starting with ObamaCare.  To “fight climate change” the EPA is launching draconian new restrictions on domestic energy production and consumption.  The FCC is seeking to “fix” the Internet with a new web of regulations.

Obama and the Democrats shrank Small business funding options with new banking regulations and disincentives, supposedly the Democrats’ reaction to the mortgage meltdown.  But the two central players in the mortgage malfeasance that brought on the  recession, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are not even mentioned in the legislation that authorizes a panoply of new bureaucratic controls over banks, credit card companies, ATMs, and private investors.

Microsoft, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Facebook and thousands of other successful businesses that provide millions of jobs were started  by under-funded entrepreneurs working in garages and apartments.  They could not afford lawyers and administrative staff to interpret and implement arcane government regulations.  Every dollar they had went directly in to business development.

The Bottom Line

With their so-called health care reform and other regulatory interventions Obama and the Democrats seem determined to make the bare-bones start-up business illegal. If we are to restore prosperity and full employment to America the first step is to restore liberty to unleash the spirit, innovation and creativity of the entrepreneur.

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  1. Able1964 on August 11th, 2011

    Some of those disappearing self-employed people are physicians. I know because I am one. I had a private practice. I treated some patients for free and others at reduced rates. It was my little contribution to helping society.

    But because of government I could not keep my office open any longer. I now work as an employee of a faceless corporation.

    I know the left hates corporations. I just hope they understand their President and their Senators and Congressmen have driven thousands, maybe millions of physicians into corporations where they have to operate by the corporate book and have no freedom of judgment.

  2. Ms_Wind on August 13th, 2011

    So tired of all the crying for so-called entrepreneurs. If you did your job right you wouldn’t have gone out of business.

  3. AxTex on August 13th, 2011

    Why did you delete my comment?

  4. Barney on August 13th, 2011

    It’s not too much to ask that if someone wants to take on the responsibility of being an employer that he include health insurance. It’s just basic, minimum equipment, like a desk and a chair. The health care reform law gives tax credits to small business.

  5. Thousand Flowers Blooming on August 13th, 2011

    It’s not government, it’s trans-national corporations. Studies show when Wal Mart, Target, Costco, or big chain restaurant moves in small businesses die out. Decent jobs are go away and minimum wage jobs come in.