Iraqi Children Eager to Learn English

Half the population of Iraq is under 18 and those children and teens have experienced a lot of interaction with our troops. The future leaders of Iraq will have received medical care, school supplies, tens of thousands of soccer balls and warm friendship from the best men and women America has to offer.

In this U.S. Air Force photo by Tech Sgt. Cohen A. Young, U.S. Army Spc. James Sucher is surrounded by Iraqi children who want to practice English outside a Sadr City school, Baghdad, May 30, 2008.


Sucher is assigned to the 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment, Task Force Regular. More than 100 young Iraqi men showed up at the school to apply for an opportunity to join the neighborhood watch program. 

If political leaders in Washington don’t go wobbly, if Congress can only demonstrate as much spirit, spine, and tenacity as the troops, the Iraqi adults of the future will have positive memories of, and great affection for Americans.

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