Dr. James Dobson Will Vote For McCain-Palin

Dr. James Dobson is founder and leader of Focus On The Family, a Christian organization dedicated to nurturing and defending the institution of the family and promoting biblical truths.  Focus on The Family publishes a wealth of books, videos and other materials primarily about marriage, family, and raising children.  Dr. Dobson has a daily radio program and is loved and respected by tens of Millions of Christians and Jews.

Dr. Dobson occasionally steps out of his role as leader of Focus On The Family and into the political arena.  Because he is so respected by so many Christians he can be very influential.  It isn’t outside the realm of possibility that he could make the difference in a very close election.

Six months ago Dr. Dobson flatly stated he could not vote for John McCain or Barack Obama, and would stay home on election day.  Today, he told talk radio host Dennis Prager that, largely due to the selection of Sara Palin, he has changed his mind.  Here’s an excerpt from that radio interview:

Well, you know I did a radio program about a month ago with Dr. Albert Mohler, and we talked about what was at stake in this election and our concerns about the policies that Barack Obama would implement. The more I hear the more I learn, the more concerned I am, and…John McCain is not the perfect candidate. He certainly would not be my choice and, for over a year, I did not feel that I could vote for him…But I can tell you that if I had to go into the voting booth today, I would pull that lever [for McCain].

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