Dissent is Not Racism

Jimmy_CarterIs it “racist” to disagree with President Obama, or to oppose his ideas, or the ideas of his appointees?   Recently, former President Jimmy Carter, speaking for  much of the political-media establishment, asserted that it was.  A gaggle of media talkers and writers surged forward to agree.

In the wake of Carter’s preposterous assertion we’ve had to endure yet another round of the same old chant:  “There’s still racism in America.”

Well, yes there is.  There’s racism in every nation on the planet.  For all of human history, some humans have disliked and fought and killed other humans only because they were different.

Sadly, along dishonest politicians, a corrupt pressure group called ACORN, and a corrupt media that won’t report news unless it can be twisted to support a certain agenda, there still are some racists in America.

  • That doesn’t make Barack Obama an infallible diety whose wisdom and motives are above question or challenge.
  • That doesn’t mean it was right for Senators and Congressmen to pass Obama’s $787 Billion “stimulus to save or create jobs” without reading it.  In fact, as the latest unemployment statistics demonstrate, the “stimulus” has utterly failed.
  • That doesn’t mean the quality and availability of  health care will improve if the government takes over.
  • That doesn’t mean Americans should or do prefer to be ruled by authoritarian bureaucracies instead of living in freedom and practicing individual responsibility.

Those who smear  the racism charge over the face of dissenters have one goal:  To silence dissent.

America is the most racially and ethnically diverse nation on earth.  If you don’t believe it drive slowly the fifteen miles of Wilshire Blvd., from Downtown Los Angeles to the beach in Santa Monica.  You’ll be regaled by more  cultures and ethnicities than you ever dreamed existed on one planet.

At the same time, America has worked harder to achieve racial equality and harmony than any society in history.

To borrow a cliche from President Obama, Americans should, from now on, “call out” Jimmy Carter, or anyone else who accuses sincere political dissenters and advocates of liberty of being motivated by insidious bigotry.

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  2. Drew on September 19th, 2009

    Jimmy Carter. A national disgrace.