Desperate in Denver: Limo Shortage Threatens DNC Amity

The hypocrisy of the Left is so transparent and ubiquitous it’s almost too routine to be real news.

But we couldn’t let this one go by.


The alarming development is that even though there are roughly a thousand limousines available for hire in the DNC Convention city of Denver, theres a shortage for convention week. Distressed delegates have to compete with each other, as they urgently pursue available limos to reserve.

Colorado State Government has agreed to help out during the emergency by temporarily waiving the usual licensing requirements for limos from other states.

These are Al Gore’s acolytes in the Temple of The Global Warming Cult, who constantly hector us with dire predictions of imminent climate calamity caused by our SUVs, RVs, boats and lawnmowers. These are the folks who have, for decades, politically blocked new drilling for oil in America because – they always said – we should convert to “alternative” sources, that aren’t yet viable or available.

America uses too much oil and looks too opulent and the world isn’t going to put up with us much longer, Senator Obama warned, ominously, last month.

Apparently a lot of the delegates believe their tedious chanting on behalf of “saving the planet” entitles them to a conspicuous arrival presentation in chauffeured, gas-guzzling magnificence.

The august delegates are not about to suffer the indignity of being seen by their peers crammed into the kind of elfin coupe they demand the rest of us drive.

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  1. aaa again on August 15th, 2008

    Well, Mr. Boomerjeff. YOU, sir, just don’t get it. These prescriptions for appropriate behavior are for the little people, not the special ones, the left. They are a better breed, like the Kings and Queens of yesteryear.

    Your role is to behave, toil then die. Oh, and pay half your income to the King along the way.