The Clintons Have Just Begun to Fight

One would expect the party that wants to abolish the Electoral College, the party of simplistic slogans like “count every vote,” to have a simple, straight-forward procedure for selecting it’s nominee. One would expect the Democrat Party to have the most, uh, democratic process.

One would be wrong. The Democrat Party’s delegate selection rules read like an IRS manual. Be assured that in interpreting those rules the Clinton role model will be the diabolically clever tax attorney who twists every phrase for any possible advantage.

Under Democrat party rules, most State caucuses and primaries produce “proportional allocation,” of delegates. So, when Obama won Iowa, he took 16 delegates. When the Clintons “lost” Iowa, they still got 15 delegates. When the Clintons “lost” New Hampshire they picked up nine delegates, the same number as the “winner,” Obama.

The rules of this party that abhors classes establish three different classes of delegates:

  1. Pledged,
  2. Public Official Unpledged
  3. Add-on Unpledged.

The media usually lump the two classes of unpledged delegates together, calling them “super delegates.”

“Pledged” delegates are required to vote at the convention for the candidates they represent as a result of primaries and caucuses. They may not switch to another candidate unless two successive convention votes have failed to produce a winner.

After all the primaries and caucuses there will be a total of 3253 pledged delegates. A candidate must get 2,025 delegate votes at the convention to win the nomination. As of today, Obama has 1272, pledged delegates and the Clintons have 989. Obama would have to win an impossible 76% of the remaining pledged delegates to win the nomination without the votes of any unpledged delegates.

Thus, we now know the nomination will not be determined by the votes of The People in caucuses and primaries. The Unpledged or “super” delegates, who are free to vote for either candidate, will determine the nominee. The “Public Official unpledged delegates,” will include Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, current members of the DNC, all Democrats currently serving in the Senate and House and all state governors who are Democrats. Each state will also send a roster of “Unpledged Add-On Delegates,” party insiders who don’t qualify for public official status.

How can the less popular Clintons snatch the nomination from the more popular Obama? They have three cards to play:

  1. They can “persuade” unpledged delegates with some combination of promises, threats and bribes.
  2. The rules for selecting the “add-on unpledged” delegates are absurdly complex, giving the Clintons the opening to contrive legalistic challenges to the legitimacy of any add-ons who are leaning toward Obama.
  3. Florida and Michigan. These two states were warned by the DNC that their delegates would be locked out of the convention if they scheduled their primaries before Super Tuesday. They defied the DNC and scheduled early primaries, anyway. All the Democrat candidates promised not to campaign in those states. But the Clintons broke the promise and thus “won” more of the locked out delegates than Obama. She is already agitating for admission of those delegates.

Peggy Noonan recently said it best: “[Hillary] appears to believe that any act that benefits Clintons is a virtuous act, because Clintons are good and deserve to be benefited.” There is no limit to the arrogant, treacherous acts the Clintons will employ to benefit themselves with the nomination, regardless of the consequences. Then they’ll and deal with the consequences with new acts of treachery and deception.

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