After the Texas Church Shooting Liberals Aim At The Good Guy

Government failure enabled mass murder in a Texas church. A heroic private citizen ended the slaughter. Liberals would criminalize the hero. The background to this tragedy begins in 2012.  The Church Murderer, CM (we’re omitting his name and using the initials CM out of disrespect) pled guilty in a General Court Martial – a military […]

ObamaCare On Life Support; Prognosis Bleak

A seismic Obamacare ruling from the US Court of Appeals – D.C. Circuit provides lessons in three ways the dominant American political ideology, called Progressivism or Liberalism, makes government corrupt and dysfunctional, inflicting costs and burdens, both seen and unseen, upon The People. Using the income tax to weaken the Constitutional system of checks and balances […]

Was the Zimmerman Trial a System Failure?

Since the jury’s not guilty verdict the media have exploited outrage, the outraged have exploited the media, and cunning, duplicitous politicians have exploited both.  It has been impossible to avoid the trash-talk. Al  Sharpton bellowed through his MSNBC megaphone:  “Now every child is at risk” [of being murdered.] Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White: “All […]

Court Rejects President’s Abuse of Power

On January 4, 2012 President Obama appointed three strongly pro-union members to the five member National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).  The Board functions like a court, arbitrating disputes between unions and employers. One of the disputes Obama’s Board members considered in 2012 was Noel Canning, a Pepsi-Cola bottler Vs the Teamsters union.   As the President […]

Like Obama, Romney Abandons The Constitution

Mitt Romney’s criteria, for deciding which government programs to eliminate is a meaningless sham. His editorial in USA Today says a lot that should please liberty loving people who long to diminish the power and cost of the federal government.  He is appropriately critical of President Obama for “one of the most dramatic expansions in […]