Obama & UAW Sell The Taxpayers a Lemon

Obama UAW After the nation was warned just a few months ago that a massive $5 billion bailout with taxpayer cash was absolutely necessary to avoid a “disastrous” bankruptcy at Chrysler, the Obama Administration has now orchestrated, well, a bankruptcy. Chrysler in Intensive Care At the time of the bailout many observers noted that Chrysler’s […]

Geithner Doubts Government’s Competence

This is the third in a series on The Big Bailout (Now called the “troubled Asset Relief Program” or TARP) and Treasury Secretary Geithner’s meeting with the Congressional Oversight Panel. During his meeting with the Oversight Panel Secretary Geithner gave strong assurances that he and his bureaucrats could manage the whole economy, would eventually “think […]

Why the Constitution Limits Federal Power

Why Tea Parties? To Stop the Madness!

The Obama gang has been carpet-bombing the media with derisive commentary regarding the hundreds of Tax Day Tea Parties held on April 15 in every state. The official Obama doctrine is that these protests  don’t count because they are “orchestrated” stunts contrived by the Republican Party. Don’t believe it.  The Republicans are nearly as guilty […]

Negligent Congress Piles on AIG

Live From The Nation’s Capitol, It’s Day 4 of the Great AIG Horsewhipping. . It’s an all too familiar stunt: politicians attempting to dodge accountability and elevate perceptions of themselves by stampeding to the cameras to bellow their sanctimonious indignation at an easy target who’s already down and out of public favor. This time the […]

Obama Budget Flimflam: “Irresponsible Policy Choices”

There has been a lot of media attention to President Obama’s budget announcements of last week. In fact, the actual budget has not yet been developed.  Last week the Administration published several documents that were about the budget, but did not include the hundreds of pages of line items and numbers that will be included […]

Fiscal Responsibility? The Audacity of Chutzpah

President Obama’s Fiscal Responsibility Summit bamboozled the stupefied national media into reporting on deceptive campaign-style hype as if it were a serious policy meeting. Chutzpah (pronounced and sometimes spelled “hutzpah”) is a Yiddish term meaning shameless, brazen temerity, combined with contempt for the intelligence of others.  Perhaps the most famous description of Chutzpah came from […]

The Stimulus Hoax: Flimflam & Spin

Before Congress passed the so-called “stimulus” the Administration and the Democrats hectored us continuously with urgent warnings of economic doom if it wasn’t passed immediately. For example, David Obey, Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee said, in response to Conservative objections: Another week that we delay is another 100,000 more people unemployed.  I don’t think […]

Negligent Senators & Congressmen Passed Stimulus

Commentators have denounced House Members and Senators for voting in favor of a thousand page “stimulus” bill  that nobody could possibly have read in the few hours that copies were available, Friday morning before the votes.  These commentators actually understate the challenge to anyone who really wants to know what’s in this bill.  Here is […]

Uninformed Voting For Stimulus Hoax

Nothing like this has ever happened before.  Congress is voting to spend a Trillion Dollars and the House Members and Senators do not know on what. Be assured we as a nation will come to deeply regret this arrogant, reckless and Unconstitutional act of raw political power.  It will take many years to work through […]

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