How Progressives Subvert the Constitution

ObamaCare is a textbook example of how the Progressive Movement has subverted and nullified Constitutional limits on the power, authority, scope and cost of the federal government and how elected Senators and Congressmen routinely violate their oath of office. While most Americans celebrate and revere the Constitution, many of our most powerful political leaders see […]

ObamaCare On Life Support; Prognosis Bleak

A¬†seismic Obamacare ruling from the US Court of Appeals – D.C. Circuit provides lessons in three ways the dominant American political ideology, called Progressivism or Liberalism, makes government corrupt and dysfunctional, inflicting costs and burdens, both seen and unseen, upon The People. Using the income tax to weaken the Constitutional system of checks and balances […]

Is Compromise a Dirty Word?

The latest propaganda from the political-media establishment is the assertion that the Grand Congressional Super Committee failed to agree on deficit reduction, and the government’s debt problems can’t be resolved because Republicans, driven by tea party activists “refuse to compromise.” Retired General and Former Secretary of State Colin Powell echoed the establishment view in a […]

Cheer, Don’t Sneer at The Spending Cut Deal

There has been lot of bitter disappointment from conservative and libertarian commentators since President Obama and Speaker Boehner announced “The Deal” last Friday night that will cut some $38 billion from 2011 spending.¬† Here are a couple of examples: my good friend over at The-Classic-Liberal and a commentator at RedState. The critics are right that […]