The Debt Crisis Was Not Caused By Tax Cuts

The new Congress just started and already there are renewed demands from the political-media establishment for tax hikes. The message from President Obama, the Democrats and most of the media is that current deficits resulted from decades of tax cuts, and now, jacking up tax rates is the only “responsible” thing to do.  Anyone who […]

The Best Kept Secrets in the Tax Cut Debate

Don’t look for this data in the establishment media. As the chart shows tax revenue is growing again, as the private sector claws back from recession. President Obama and the Democrats blame their massive deficits on the Bush tax cuts, especially for “the rich.”  The political-media establishment rarely reports that: Individual income tax revenue increased […]

Tax Cut Chicanery (7) It’s The Spending, Stupid

From surplus to debt crisis in nine years: How did it happen? The shocking growth of government debt is the establishment’s justification for ratcheting up tax rates on “the rich,” including millions of investors and small business employers who will be the sources of capital needed to create jobs and economic growth. The establishment media […]

Tax Cut Chicanery (5) Running Out The Clock

UPDATE: Democrats have announced they are unwilling to bring the President’s compromise tax plan to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote. Much of the communication from the political establishment targets people who are not inclined to spend hours verifying “information” in the media.  After the Bush tax cuts were enacted in […]

Tax Cut Chicanery (4) Joe Biden’s Folly

An exhaustive interview of Vice President Joe Biden was recently  published in GQ.   Asked when the economy would finally turn around he answered: I say we have turned it around, and here’s how we’re gonna create the jobs. We’re not gonna go back to those policies that in fact stripped you of your job. Look, […]

Tax Cut Chicanery (3)

The No-Jobs-During-the-Bush-Years Myth The tax rates implemented by the Bush tax cuts of 2003 are still in effect but are set to expire January 1 if Congress does not act. President Obama and the Democrats want to raise tax rates on those who earn more than $200,000. Half the over-$200,000 taxpayers targeted for an increase […]

Tax Cut Chicanery (2)

On Sunday Senator Charles Schumer appeared on Face the Nation and was asked about Obama’s demand that Congress increase tax rates on high income Americans.   His response in part was: …we have a big deficit problem. We have a great jobs problem. Better to put the money into deficit reduction creating jobs than give […]

Tax Cut Chicanery (1)

As a “compromise” with Democrats who opposed it, the 2003 legislation that enacted the Bush tax cuts included an expiration date: 12/31/2010. The current, lame duck Congressional session is the last chance for the current Democrat majority to extend the Bush tax rates and prevent a substantial increase on every American who pays income tax. […]

Tax and Budget Myths (1)

As they fight to hold onto their Congressional majority President Obama, Congressional Democrats and their supporters hope to deceive voters with a continuous stream of budget and tax myths. Myth 1 is heard in several variations usually bellowed by an impassioned candidate or special interest spokesman: “The growing deficits are caused by ever increasing cost […]

Bush Tax Cuts Myths and Fallacies (3)

Myth #3: Since the Bush tax cuts of 2003 “the rich” have not paid their fair share of federal income tax. President Obama and Democrat leaders in Congress have decided that income tax rates for “the rich,” those earning more than $200,000, must be increased. One of their justifications is the claim that at current […]

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