Lower Gas Prices? Obama Says No We Can’t

Four years ago Candidate Obama preened before mobs of addled admirers as they chanted “yes we can!”  Now President Obama says “we” can’t drill “our” way to lower gas prices.  So then the voters should take charge and get “we” out of the way so oil explorers, drillers, pipeline operators and refiners can do their […]

Fiscal Responsibility? The Audacity of Chutzpah

President Obama’s Fiscal Responsibility Summit bamboozled the stupefied national media into reporting on deceptive campaign-style hype as if it were a serious policy meeting. Chutzpah (pronounced and sometimes spelled “hutzpah”) is a Yiddish term meaning shameless, brazen temerity, combined with contempt for the intelligence of others.  Perhaps the most famous description of Chutzpah came from […]

Dirty Green Politics and the Auto Bailout

This week, Executives from GM, Ford, Chrysler, and the UAW made a return trip to Washington to grovel before the politicians who, if their egos are sufficiently massaged, have the power to hand them vast amounts of taxpayer money. The executives submitted to scores of stupid questions, and endured many hours of ignorant opinions from […]

Desperate in Denver: Limo Shortage Threatens DNC Amity

The hypocrisy of the Left is so transparent and ubiquitous it’s almost too routine to be real news. But we couldn’t let this one go by. . The alarming development is that even though there are roughly a thousand limousines available for hire in the DNC Convention city of Denver, theres a shortage for convention […]

What Would Obama’s Better America Look Like?

Talk radio thundered outraged reaction to Barack Obama’s campaign event where a seven year old girl asked why he was running for President. His answer: I’m running for president because of…because I got two daughters just like you. America is…is no longer what it could be, what it once was. And I say to myself, […]

Obama’s Energy Speech: Sound & Fury Signifying Nothing

Last week Barack Obama said that if you get better about inflating your tires, no additional oil would be necessary. Here’s the video clip. Today, in a Michigan speech, Obama spoke at length on energy but apparently forgot about how important tire pressure was last week. But some helpful folks from the McCain campaign reminded […]

Obamanomics: Appeal to Ignorance and Emotion

windfall profits tax We’re in what the financial press calls earnings season. Four times a year corporations report their sales and profits, giving politicians four opportunities each year to perform their “outrageous oil profits” dance, hoping to divert the voter’s wrath over $4 gas from themselves to to the oil companies. On the campaign trail […]

Gas Prices: The Crisis Made In Washington

Yesterday, President Bush again called on Congress to repeal it’s bans against drilling for oil on American territory and in American waters. . From the Democrat leaders in the House and Senate came the usual insipid response that “Bush policies” caused high gas prices. As always, they were unable to identify or describe the bad […]

Obama says “WE” can’t. Then “WE” should get out of the way

Barack Obama, the yes-we-can candidate has joined the propagandist’s chorus chanting “NO! We can’t drill our way out of this!” . On July 11 at town hall meeting Obama said “Even if you opened up every square inch of our land and our coast for drilling, America still only has three percent of the world’s […]

One Small Step Toward Cheaper Gasoline

President Bush today lifted a 15 year old executive ban on drilling for oil in the Outer Continental Shelf, the first step in a series of steps needed to finally permit American companies to produce more oil, adding to supply and ultimately, bringing down oil and gasoline prices. The continental shelf is the gently sloping […]

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